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"You clearly like someone else!" Teased Pepper. I scowled. "Pebblestep is clearly the one for me." I huffed, unshething my claws into the muddy ground below, we were right by the lake.. so it was kinda nasty..

"Hey Zuko! Wanna go on a hunting patrol with me?" Chirped Aspenpaw, my daughter. I nodded in agreement and went on with it. "Ok, mom, you will check on the left side, where the medicine cat herb supply is." Ordered Lionstar. I nodded. Once I made it to the area, I insintly herd sqealing of a mouse. And they call that quiet?


"Why did you want me here again?" I asked Pebblestep. He led me to an empty forest area. "Sit here and wait for me." He meowed. I shrugged my shoulders and sat there. He padded away into the shaded forest area. I heard a ton of barking sounds and jumped to my paws in a hurry. "Pebblestep! Help! I hear dogs!" I yowled in fear. I made out a quiet laugh. I snarled. Then I perked my ears. Wait a minute... that's not Pebblesteps laugh! Next thing I knew it, four huge buffed up dogs surrounded me. They barked something I couldn't understand. I felt them shuffle there paws, I could hear them moving, I prayed to Starclan. "Pebblestep! Please help!" I yowled, my voice quivering. I could now feel the teeth marks and claws marks against my flesh. I yowled in agony as blood splattered all over the green, grassy ground. One of them dug there claws into my eyes, the last thing I saw was blood and dogs. Starclan! Please give me a mercy! What did I do? Claws and teeth came into my flesh until I was left on the bloody mass. I wasn't dead, but I was left here alone, suffering, afraid. And then, I went to meet Starclan. No cats came. No mercy came. I was here to suffer the pain of death.

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