Ziro's Story




Name Age Breed Mate Offspring
Terror 5 years Alexander Wolf / Borzoi / Boxer / German Shepherd/ Unknown Rose Dusk, Thorn, Gus, Nia, Ziro


Name Age Breed Mate Offspring
Ten 4 years Gray Wolf / Timber Wolf Birch Grace, Isabella


Name Age Breed Mate Trainee Offspring
Ghost 10 years Tundra Wolf - - -
Manfred 7 years Timber Wolf - - -
Crimson 3 years Alexander Wolf X Husky - - -
Shadow 7 years Timber Wolf - Dusk -
Bullet 3 years Husky X Gray Wolf X Timber Wolf - Thorn -
Blade 7 years Husky X Gray Wolf Cassidy Ziro Bullet
Cassidy 7 years Timber Wolf Blade Gus Bullet





Name Age Breed Mate Offspring Former Rank
Prim 16 years Timber wolf Razor Rose, Drax Warrior
Razor 16 years Husky / Alexander Wolf / Boxer Prim Rose, Drax Warrior
December 15 years Alexander Wolf / Borzoi Conrad ( Decreased ) Terror Herbalist/Warrior
Summer 14 years Husky / Boxer / Alexander Wolf Decreased Keith Warrior

Chapter One

__ The Start To A Difficult Life __

- - - 

The sun shined brightly that summer moring, the pack was up and already finishing their morning tasks, Terror sat on his rock, looking overthe pack, it had been nearly six months since his first litter's birth, they where healthy and strong.

The litter was priased by the pack everyday -- expect for one, poor Ziro was an outcast, being born albino unlike his siblings witch shared simular brown and black pelts, over the months of being neglected by the pack young Ziro learned to hide all emotions, seeming brain dead to the pack.

They blamed it on his pelt, witch really they should be blaming themselves, Terror learned not to look at his son, not to get good attention from his pack, but to stop Terror's heart from aching once he saw Ziro play " Fight the Monster " by himself, but those days where over, Ziro stopped playing completely, and stopped talking.

Ziro seemed older and more mature though, making his siblings look imature and more of a problem, only few elders started taking a likeing to him, only because he didn't invade their space.

Terror noticed his mate trying to get Ziro to eat, but Ziro refused and left his mothers side, going to an empty corner of the pack, laying down with his paws ontop of something strange, Terror got up and lept off of the rock, walking towards Ziro.

But the pack seemed to deniy his request and crowded around him, asking him questions all jumbled together since they where speaking at once, Terror flattened one of his ears looking at them.

" One at a time, please." He called out to the group of egar canines before him.

" There is scent of bear on the territory!, this must be adressed now!." One called out

" But we dont have a plan!." Another yelped, fear gripping in his words

" Raven brains!, we must stop it before something happens to Dusk, Nia, Gus, and Thorn!." Another canine listed the alpha's pups name's, expect for Ziro.

" Don't forget about Ziro." Snapped Terror, growing tired of the pack neglected his son.

" R-right sir." The canine sat down, flattening his ears

" Anyone willing to possibly risk their lives today, please join me by the rock." Terror called out, going back to his rock, leaping on top of it, sitting as few gathered around, his Beta Ten joined him on the rock.

" All are of you just going to sit around when more then just pups could die?, step up, show some pride!." Ten called out, rage slightly slipping out of his mouth, Terror gave him a stern glance, but looked back towards the small group, witch had grown.

" Here's the plan." Terror listed off the named of the best trackers in the pack, " You six will track the bear, find out where it's staying, and find out what it's up to." Terror called out, then turnned his attention to more bulky canine, best at fighting, " Code, you will lead an attack on the bear if its a threat and close to camp."

The seemed to dismiss themselves, the trackers heading out to see what this bear is up to on their territory, Terror tried to reach his son again, only to find out he has gone, Terror's ear perked, alarmed, where could have Ziro gone now?, he had a history of leaving camp to matter the punishment's he recived, Terror was about to leave camp before the sound of paws came running towards him, he turnned noticing his offspring where crowding around him.

" Dad, dad!, Ziro ran off again!." Nia's loud outbrust made her brother Gus mad.

" He started it!, his stupid looks..." Gus's voice trailed off, trying to figure out how to end his speach.

" Knock it off you two!, haven't you heard what dad said to the rest of the pack?, there is a bear loose and Ziro is missing!." Dusk yelled at his siblings, they fell silent, worry clouded Nia's gaze but Gus seemed happy, it made Terror sick, how could his offspring think this way of their own kin?.

Terror ran out of camp, the pups knew their place and stayed behind, Terror ran as fast as he could to find his son, he ran into one of the trackers, " Zen!, quick, have you scented Ziro near by!." Terror's voice was full of worry.

" His scent is stale over here, Choice is a few tree lengths ahead, maybe she knows something." Zen called back, then continued with his work, Zen also seemed worried for Ziro's health, does the pack care afterall?.

Terror kept running, finally picking up Ziro's scent, Terror followed it, seeing a small bundle of white fur... with blood..... soak into the ground aswell.... Terror's stomach turnned, his eyes slightly teared up, is he dead?...

Terror went up to Ziro, nudging to small pup, Ziro's mouth parted, as if to let out a small sound filled with pain, but nothing came out, his body heat as dropping, Terror had to do something fast, Terror picked up Ziro, running back to camp.

he burst through the camp entrance, his herbalist Mouse burst through her den enrtace, almost at once when Terror came into camp, she was the best tracker in the pack until her horrible wound one day stopped her from running through the forest, so she took up the job of healing insted

" Bring into my den quick!." She darted back in, her wounds seemed to have healed, but she decided to stay as a herbalist, finding a passion for healing.

Terror sat him down on the nest, wrapping his body around his son's, trying to keep him warm, Terror licked at his son's ears, trying to get Ziro to wake up, while Mouse got the herbs and started tending to his wounds.

Hours went by of them trying to get Ziro stable, and once they did, Ziro had trouble hearing what they where saying.

" Ziro?, can you hear me? tell me what happened!." Terror grew angry with his son, he was tired of him running off and ignoring everyone.

Mouse nudged Terror, " Your son is deaf, Terror." Her voice was filled with sorrow, feeling bad for both the pup and alpha, she knew Terror always loved Ziro so much.

Terror bared his fangs, getting up and leaving the den as Ziro watched, Ziro went to sleep.

Chapter Two

__ Trouble from The Start __

Ziro slowly got back his hearing, he was sitting in camp central as his mother, Rose, was telling him about the dangers of the forest, Terror was sitting with a small group of canines trying to figure out how to get the bear away from their territory.

" Alright Ziro, whatever you find in the forest whats not meat, dont eat alright?, there are many poisonous plants around our territory."

Ziro got up walked off, ignoring his mothers daily life lessons, and went to the corner of camp, Ziro hasn't eaten in days and was becoming very ill and skinny.

"Oh, alright Ziro... go play." His mother's voiced sounded sad, sad that her son never spoke to her once, she didn't even know what his voice sounded like, and now, her son was waiting for his own death, he refused help so much people stopped caring, Terror seemed to stop caring.

His mother's ears perked, still not giving up on her son though, everyone knew Ziro was her favorite, no matter how strong the others where, she made the pups jelous of Ziro, witch made them ignore Ziro and pick on him, Ziros mother walked over to him, since Ziro started lossing weight it made it easier for her to carry the rude pup, she brought him to the prey pile and sat him down, nudging him towards it.

" Listen now you brat!, if you want a pack to stay in insted of becoming bear food you'll eat some prey now!." She snapped, hoping to scare him into eating, Ziro's ears flattened, the slightist hint of fear could even be seen in his eyes, " Now you punk or ill eat you myself!." She bared her fangs, ready o leap at him.

Ziro quickly picked up and mouse and ran back to his corner, laying down and looking at it, not sure what to do, hismother picked up a rabbit and followed him, eating beside him.

She could hear his stomach growling now, Ziro slowly at the mouse, then crept up towards his mothers meal, Rose let him have someof the rabbit, glad that he know realized how hungry he was.

Once they finished eating Rose took him to the elders, most of them greeted Ziro kindly, he was a common vister and often took food to them.

" Well, hello Ziro, how are you young tiger?." Prim said, turning her attention to him once he entered the den, Rose behind him, Prim was Ziro's grandmother on Rose's side, Prim was very proud of Rose's children, including Ziro, but Ziro's grandfather from Rose's side hated him.

" Why do you even bother with that ghost?." Sneered Razor, Rose's father

" Dad!, thats enough of your trash talk to him!, he's your grandson!." Rose snarled, Razor got up and walked out of the den, Prim was still talkingto Ziro, starting to tell him a story.

The small albino pup crawled into the space between Prims front legs as she layed down, Ziro layed on his back, looking up at her as she told her many stories to him, Ziro slowly drifted off to sleep, and woke up to three canines fighting outside of the den, Ziro stood up, noticing he was moved back to the nursury.

" Terror you know well that we canot of have albino's running around in the pack! they are a curse to us all!." Razor sneered.

" Enough of that hateful talk old timer!." Terror snapped, clearly annoyed with him, but Terror couldn't do anything to a elderly canine, the pack would lok down on him.

" You two just stop!, stop!." Rose cried out, clearly she was getting over crying, Ziro tilted his head before looking around the den he heard his siblings giggling.

" Ziro is a curse!." Gus whispered loudly, " He cant defend a rabbit!." He sneered, then noticed Ziro was up, Ziro's red eyes gleamed in the darkness, sending a slight shivree down Gus's spine, " What are you looking at?, old timer." Ziro's brothers laughed, Nia stayed silent.

Ziro couldn't handle it anymore, he walked out of the den, glaring at his grandfather, " Shut up old man!, im no curse!." Ziro snapped, Terror and Rose looked at eachother surprised that he talked.

Razor snapped his jaws, catching Ziro's ear, blood streamed down Ziro's face, Ziro growled, as Terror stepped between the two, Terror raised his voice, loud enough to wake up the members of the pack to make sure they knew about this.

" Razor, from this day forward you are banished from thepack, if you are seen on our territory you will be exiled, not from the territory, but from simply living." Terror finished, sitting down as Ziro perked his ears, the blood dipped onto the earth, sinking in moments later, Razor looked stunned, not from being exiled.

But from attacking his own kin, Razor's words seemed to catch in his throat, he turnned around, ashamed of himself, " Alright.." He started walking away as Prim came out of the elders den, looking at her mate leaving camp.

" No!, this cant happen!." She shrieked, Terror went over to her, speaking to her about his actions, Prim nodded, agreeing that it wasn't acceptable, but where would Razor go now?.

Rose couldn't forgive her father, not for attacking her son, as far as she was concerned, he was not her pup's grandfather.

Chapter Three

__ The True Trouble Arises __

Ziro stood infront of his mentor as he gave him a lecture of skipping training, Ziro sighed, having enough of his yelling, " You yell at for not learning how to fight, yet your scaring all the prey off of our territory when you should be hunting it." Ziro snapped, then walked off.

His mentor fell silent, " Hold on just a minute you trouble maker!, im your mentor and you will listen to me, do you understand?."

" I understand your wasting my time." Ziro reported before disappearing into the bushes.

His mentor Blade sat down, Blade would be alot angerier with him, but since Ziro seemed to be doing better in training then his siblings, Blade him go this time, after a few minutes cooling down from yelling at Ziro, Blade stood up and went hunting, then came back and put what he had caught in the prey pile, he noticed Ziro going to take from prey for himself, Blade stuck out his paw, stopping Ziro.

" Ziro, you know the rules better then anyone, law 023 clearly states that one mustn't eat without contributing to the pack first."

" Go away old man." Ziro growled, picking up a rabbit and walked off, Blade's jaw dropped, his ears flattened not expecting Ziro to say such things, he used to be so loveable.

Blade had enough, and went to Terror.

" Terror your son isn't even following the rules anymore!." Blade exclaimed.

" Mhm, reminds me of someone." Terror reported, curling up in the corner of his den.

" Terror this isn't about me!, everyone will look down upon Ziro despite his excellent battle skills because of how he acts!." Blade sat down.

"I'v tried everything with that boy, he doesn't--" Terror jumped up hearing a yell filled with sadness.

both Blade and Terror ran out of the den into the nursry to see Rose laying on the floor in a puddle of her own blood, and Ziro nudging her, pleading her to get up and share a rabbit with him.

" Ziro what happened!." Blade called out, sorrow filled his gaze, Ziro looked up from the limp body, tears streaming down his face.

" I-i-, I dont know!, i came in here to see if she wanted to share some prey and i found her like this!." His voice cracked, Ziro collasped by his beloved mother's side, sobbing into her fur.

Terror stood in disbelife, there  was no way his mate could be dead, she was so young... she had such a great life ahead of her and someone had taken it away, Terror gritted his teeth, pushing his way out of the den and ran off into the woods.

Chapter Four

__ Years Upon Sorrow __

Gus stood by Ziro, desprate to show his decreased mother he could love his siblings, Ziro on the other hand wanted to leave the pack insted of standing at his mother's grave, he seemed like a pup compared to the other's sizes.

Ziro stayed still though, his mother was all he had ever since his father stopped trying to be there for him, and now Ziro realizes it was his fault, he caused all this sadness on his father.

Since the death of Rose Ziro's father had gotten angryier and more aggressive, Ten and to take the lead of the pack until one of Terror's children could offically take over the pack into a new era, Terror felt his days ticking down.

It didn't bother him, Terror wanted to see his mate again, her gentle gaze and warm scent clouded his memory.

Gus noticed his father drifting off, Gus gaze him a slight nudge, Terror snapped back to realality, the elder finished her speach to Rose, and group broke off, going away from each-other, Gus noticed Ziro walking away from camp.

" Where are you going?." Gus asked, catching up to Ziro, Ziro may be small, but he was quick.

" No where important, and dont follow me." Ziro said, marching off, Gus stopped in his tracks, why was Ziro being rude to him?, he wanted to be there for his brother now, and now Ziro was neglecting him, but Gus knew this day would come, its payback for neglecting his albino brother.

" Im so sorry..." Gus whispered, then turned around and follow his sister into camp.

Gus sat in camp, waiting for his brother's return, the camp seemed quiet, too quiet, but with the death of an alpha's mate it only made sense, Gus got up, almost at the same time the pack started loosing it, canines where arguing, nipping at each-others legs like rabid raccoons.

Gus perked his ears, before letting out a deep bark that made nearly every canine stop their bikering and look at him, " What do you all think your doing?." Gus demanded, his father came out of his den, looking like a zombie almost, his fathers side's heaved as the beta came to his side, whispering a few words into Terror's ear, Terror turnned to his rock, but he seemed to weak to make the jump, so the beta took charge.

" Gather around pack, the Alpha and i have some news to share." Ten waited till everyone got close enough to hear the large canine's words clearly, " As we all should know, the bear had its move, with some company, as the two male bears move closer to camp the weaker canines lifes are at stake, as well as our own." 

A member decided he would start yelling and demanding for us to do something, he called Ten a lazy good for nothing sack of fur, through-out this canine's comment's Ten stayed silent.

" We we'll be sending out our largest battle patrol ever, Bullet, Blade, Manfred, Shadow, Crimson, and Ghost will be wave one."


Chapter Five

Chapter Six 


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