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Quick note this fanfiction is partly true. I had no sisters or brother and my parents where rouges :3


"Come on, Zearafina. Open your eyes already! Mom won't let us go out until you do," A young female whinned impatiently.

"Leave her alone, Kyira. She'll open them when she's ready," A warm familiar voice barked quietly and the sound of a tail brushing further back.

Suddenly her eyes opened. They were a red, rusty color, much like her fur, with black tinting the edges. Blinking at the light that streamed in the den from the caves entrance, which was about 4 times taller than her. She couldn't stop herself from gaping in awe at this amazing world.

"You two can go now," barked a shaded Black Shiloh Shepherd-Wolfdog hybrid. "Stay close to the nursery!" She called after them then looked back down at her pup. That must be my mom. So.. that means I have a brother and a sister, cool! A few moments passed before she gave a soft nuzzle to her belly. "You look just like your father," She attempted to stand only to stumble on her paws and fall back onto her mothers chest. "Careful Zearafina, don't want to hurt yourself. Its time for you to meet the rest of the pack!" She barked softly, gently pushing Zearafina up with her nose.

Zearafina tripped over her long legs several times before getting the hang of walking. By then they had already reached the middle of the camp where once again she tripped over her own paws rolling into a massive Alaskan Malamute. He was a Gray-blue, just like her, with a cream gold leopard-like pattern on his back and black highlights. "Next thing you know she'll be rolling off cliffs," He whimpered teasingly. Hmmm.. He smells like mom. And like.. Kyira was it? So I guess he's my Father! Zearafina whimpered at the word. She knew what cliffs were from the stories she heard while her eyes were closed. She definitely didn't want to role off one! "Your father is just joking my little one, you're not going to roll of any cliffs," she murmured comfortingly in Zearafina's ear.

Before Zearafina had a moment to reply, several dogs of all shapes, colors, and size crowded around her. At the front was a light brown pup with tan flecks and a black pup with gray rings all over his pelt. "Hi Zearafina! It's good to finally see you with your eyes open. I'm your big sis Kyira, and that's Banjk your little brother," Kyira barked happily. A brown male pup stood behind the two looking down but still taking glances at Zearafina several times and giving a shy smile. Kyira smiled, nodding to Banjk they both got behind him and with a massive shove they pushed him forward to where he was touching noses with Zearafina. "Um..Uh h-h-I. I'm-I-I'm" He stammered trailing off at the end. "Your eyes are really pretty," he murmured quietly. Zearafina pinned her ears back in pure embarrassment looking down at her paws. "Anywho," Kyira said shoving him out of the way. "That's Dermon, the male over there is Schwab, that's Feral, and he's Intonus," Kyira carried on pointing at larger males, tiny females, and massive dogs, but Zearafina had toned her out after somebody named Fright. Her Mother gently pushed her forward with her nose. "Say hi to your Alpha, Zearafina," Her mother barked. Zearafina looked up to see a beautiful white wolf-like shaggy furred male pad through the crowd of canines.