" Yolanda was born along with her littermates, Mori and Sokudu but when her world changes, she better adapt".

Characters Edit

Wild cats:

Yolanda- a six month snow leopard she-cub

Mori-a six month old snow leopard male cub

Sokudu- a six month old snow leopard she-cub

Taga- a large female snow leopard mother of sokudu, Mori and Yolanda

Tau- a warlock snow leopard male father of Sokudu, Mori and Yolanda

Kurea(appears at the end of story)- a white lioness

Snow leopard in leafy trust(oldest to youngest):


Irbis-The mate of Kamahl is carrying Kamahl cubs

Tammy- The rival of Irbis for Kamahl, expecting Tsume mate

Sharma-a light gray snow leopard older sister and daughter of Tammy

Shen- younger sister of sharma and daughter of Tammy

Omega- a nice and gentle snow leopard daughter of Irbis

Nina- the youngest of the leopard is grumpy and territorital


Kamahl- the largest and oldest male of the snow leopard mates with Irbis

Tsume- a large male with a scar over his eye, Is Tammy mate but fights with Kamahl over Irbis

Alpha- a small snow leopard male is Sharma and Shen friend

Scar- a large snow leopard, who is Kasan brother is Tsume best friend has a scar over his eye

Kuto- a medium size male with his left eye clouded but his healthy and strong

Prolouge Edit

Yolanda's prey

Yolanda tear a piece of flesh from the blue sheep, gulping down the sheep. Mori yawned" I tried of blue sheep". Sokudu growled at Mori, her tail twitching with annoyance" Well, Mori you can't hunt your own prey". Mori raised his head, puffing out his chest" I can catch a rabbit, I'm going to unless your too scared". Yolanda meowed to Mori, her voice filling with worry" Mother patroling the territory what if we run into any males they end us". Mori sneered at them" I bet your too scared".

" No I'm no-" Yolanda didn't finish before Mori sneered" Is too". Yolanda snarl"Fine, we hunt a rabbit but if we get caught it's your fault". Mori bounded up the rocks, his claws unsheathed. Sokudu muttered behind her" I have a bad feeling about this". Yolanda ran after Mori, Mori was crouched low his ears flatten across his ear. The rabbit nimble of the leaf, Mori pounce the rabbit fell limp as soon as he caught it.

Something suddenly land on top of her, Yolanda ran around snarling. A snarl made her turned, her mother crouched hissing. A loud explosion and suddenly her mother layed limp, Yolanda mewed in terror. The cage rose and swang her away from her home and everything else.

Chapter 1 Edit

Yolanda in her new home

Yolanda woke up, glancing around a snow leopard female nudged her" Are you okay". She hissed" Your not my mother, who are you". The snow leopard curl her tail around her "I'm Tammy, Your at the snow leopard part of big cat of leafy rescue". A hissed made them look up" Tammy, leave that cub alone". Tammy looked up, a female snow leopard leaped down, Tammy meow with mocking niceness" Hello, Irbis, happy with my Kamahl".

Irbis growl" Tammy the last time I checked you was with Tsume". Tammy yawn" Now Irbis, you know Tsume doesn't give a flea about me, he likes you". Irbis hissed" Then why your his mate"? Tammy yawned rolling on her back" Because I need some male to father my cubs, that why". Irbis growl" I can see why Tsume doesn't give a fle-". Tammy rolled to her paws" I need a strong male to father my cubs, Tsume need Scar to help him try to end Kamahl and Kamahl defeats them both". Irbis snarled " Well, maybe you should try and actually be happy you have a mate". A large male suddenly appeared, his muscles was visible under his fur.Tammy helped to her paws, and purred, curling him" Hi, Kamahl, how your doing". Kamahl hissed at Tammy," Stop it Tammy".

Tammy slowly pinned him down" Like I can do that, you know Tsume likes Irbis". Tammy nuzzle Kamahl, while Kamahl tried to get up. Irbis watched, mummuring something under her breath, " Tammy" a snarl made everyone look up. Tammy got up and grabbed Yolanda by her scruff, glancing back at Kamahl" Shame that we had to stop". Tammy purred as she approach the male" Hello, my Tsume". Tsume had dark fur with a long scar over his left eye and Tsume let her lean on him but was watching Irbis.

Tammy purr, glancing up" Tsume our cubs will be beautiful".Tammy dropped Yolanda gently as Tsume growled unethausist" Yes they will ".

Tammy snarled at Tsume" Why you can't be grateful,Irbis is all you care about". Tsume snarl back" Because your 10 times inferior then your sister Irbis". Tammy hissed" Your not going to get Irbis". Tsume hissed back" And your not going to get Kamahl, But I can get Irbis". Tammy snarled" How".

Tsume purred, " By Nina, she basically Irbis expect her father is Kamahl". Tammy snarl and padded away, Yolanda followed her" Irbis, Irbis, Irbis, I'm sick of everyone comparing me to Irbis".

Yolanda glance up as Tammy pace" Why everyone likes Irbis better then you", she meowed hoping to calm Tammy down. Tammy glance at Yolanda, her anger melting away slowly" You understand, Yolanda". A yowl suddenly made Tammy hiss" Nina, Yolanda go see why Nina yowling, while I get you a bite to eat". Yolanda nodded and ran towards the sound of the yowling.

Tsume had a small, light gray snow leopard pinned down. That must be Nina, thought Yolanda as she spied on the scene. Tsume dragged a squirming Nina out of sight, who yowled" Help me".

Yolanda turned and padded away, she could never win against Tsume in a fight. He was too big and she was too small. A snow leopard approach her, holding a leg of a animal" It's deer". Yolanda took a bite and swallow, it tasted strange but food was food. Yolanda ate in silence, trying to shake out Nina's cries, Tsume dragging Nina and his rudeness to Tammy.

Chapter 2 Edit

It was four days since Tsume captured Nina, Tammy been taking care of Yolanda while still trying to get Kamahl to be her mate. She met Shen and Sharma, the twins was funny as well as fun to play with. She met timid but friendly Omega, and the other males, Alpha, Scar who guarded where Nina and Tsume was and Kuto, a cub who was 6 month older then her and her best friend.

Kuto was from the wild and his litter sister almost claw his eye out. Not that Kuto minded, Kuto bounded up to Yolanda," Hey Yolanda". Yolanda purred back, pouncing on him" Hey, Kuto".

Kuto swipe her face playfully while Yolanda playfully bit his tail. The two cubs rolled in the dirt, only to be stop by a snarl. Kuto look up" It's Kamahl". Kuto ran and Yolanda followed him, Kamahl and Tsume remain tense snarling at each other. Omega, Shen and Sharma confronted, a crying Nina, Irbis and Tammy faced off snarling. Alpha and Scar just sat there watching with interest.

Kamahl snarl" You had no right to force cubs on my daughter". Tsume cocked his scarred head" Oh really, I a grown leopard Kamahl, you shoulda let me be mates with Irbis". Kuto meowed his eyes full of excitement" Tsume and Kamahl might get into a fight".

Kamahl gave a battle yowl and lunge sinking his teeth into the side of Tsume's neck. Tsume clawed down Kamahl's shoulder, forcing Kamahl to let go. Tsume charged and swiped Kamahl's face. Even Tammy and Irbis stopped snarling to watch. Tsume bit into Kamahl's hindleg, sending Kamahl yowling and bit into Tsume neck, Kamahl dug his claw into Tsume scar and claw down, sending a yowl of pain from Tsume. Kamahl pinned Tsume down, clawing his belly furiously, Tsume clawed Kamahl's face but his blow was getting weaker. Was Kamahl planning to end Tsume?

Kuto hissed" You pull Kamahl off and I have Tsume". Yolanda sprang and snatched Kamahl scruff, yanking him with all her strength, Kamahl almost landed on top of her. Yolanda stepped between Tsume and Kamahl, while Kuto kept Tsume pinned.

Kamahl snarl" You should let me end him Yolanda". Yolanda hiss" I sure he learn his lesson now their been enough fighting for one day.

Kamahl glared at a injured Tsume, " he won't lay a paw on my daughter anymore". Kamahl spun and turn away, Irbis pad towards her daughter. Tammy crouched over Tsume, licking his wounds. Tammy sighed" You'll get yourself killed and you'll never see our cubs".

Tsume snarled" Forget our cubs, I wanted cubs with Irbis". Tsume lay his head back down, Yolanda watched with Kuto at her side, he heard him mummur" At least, he isn't dead". Yolanda growl her agreement. Kuto lay down and meowed" Tsume is not giving up and poor Nina having to have Tsume's cubs, and I feel bad for Tammy. All Tammy does for Tsume and he treats he like dirt". Yolanda lay down next to Kuto, Omega was padding towards them" Hi Kuto, Hi Yolanda".

Yolanda meowed" Hello, Omega". Kuto look up at Omega" Is Nina alright?" Omega glance back at her younger sister" She is, she always been so bad tempered, not anymore".

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