Strikefall stalked the squirrel whispering to himself, mimicing Poppysnow's voice, " "He's so full of himself!"Hmph!" He pounced landing precisely on the squirrel. He picked up the fresh kill, and stalked back to camp, "Barrenbranch and her will have a happy life." he spat. He looked down stopping, "How could she think such a thing?! I would never-" he stopped hearing a twig snap. Poppysnow padded out, she ignored him entirely, Strikefall glared. "You know 'barren' means empty right? Could that mean Barrenbranch's words to Poppysnow are empty and mouse-brained?" he asked loudly. Poppysnow turned and glared, she hissed and stalked away, "More full then you're lies!" she called to him. Strikefall sighed but his sorrow melted away like ice, to be replaced with the burning rays of rage. He stalked back into camp, he got a unreadable gaze from Pearlstar outisde her den. Many cats stared at him, they had all heard about the fight between him and Poppysnow. 

He padded up into the nursery and dropped the squirrel, Risingkit leapt at Strikefall, "EEK ENEMY WARRIOR!!" she cried. She dug her claws into his fur clinging to his back, Pebblekit snorted and went back to napping, Risingkit slid down. Strikefall was relieved, because her claws felt like thorns, "Well you're no fun!" Risingkit retorted to Pebblekit. Obsidionkit crouched and leapt at Risingkit with a cry of attack. Strikefall picked the squirrel up and padded over to Rainwhisper, she was sleeping in her nest of soft fresh moss, filled in a base of twirled heather, twigs, and vines. He nudged her awake, "Hmm? Wha? Oh its you, Strikefall! Hunt go well I take?" she murmured tiredily. He nudged the squirrel to her, "Queens and kits eat first," he responded. Rainwhisper nodded and Snowcloud padded over to share the squirrel. Strikefall turned and padded away. He felt uncomfortable around Poppysnow's sister. He squeezed through the small entrance in the thron barrier. 

He saw Koispots and Whitepaw, as soon as they saw him, they started whispering and murmuring heads ducked together in deep conversation. Strikefall bristled, Even Silvercloud doesn't even trust me entirely, she was my mentor for Starclan's sake! He thought then heard a slimy voice enter his mind, Whats the word of Starclan matter to you? NOTHING you deserve more then to consult the pity whims of Starclan. Strikefall nodded to himself for once welcoming Moonclaw's words. Come, she whispered, Come to me.. Sleep.. Strikefall blindly stumbled into the warriors den and curled up as the sun set, in his nest, it was now in the far corner of the den away from every cat. As sleep lapped at his thoughts he awoke in a dark forest and saw Moonclaw. "Welcome to my training grounds," she whispered to him, "First meet this cat, her name is Leafblade." a pretty brown tabby padded out, she had glowing amber eyes. "Hello Strikefall, we cannot stay long, but come back in your dreams..

-we will wait for you," she purred in a silky tone. At once Strikefall awoke, I will wait for you.. He heard Leafblade's purr. He shook his head tiredly, Pearlstar called a clan meeting, he padded over and she started meowing, "Caranationclan is under attack, we shall assist them in fighting a powerful rogue group led by Hurricane," she mewed. Hurricane... The word rang in his head, he shook his head to clear his mind and quickly followed the clan to the battle grounds. He fought hard and long, heart pounding fast but soon his blood went to ice, and he saw Thornrose, she was padding away to hunt, he padded up to her, "I saw something important follow me!" she nodded as he mewed and they dashed off, as soon as they were far from camp, he leapt at her, she yowled with terror and tried to run, he made it to her to soon and he pinned her, "TRAITOR!" she spat. He sliced her throat quickly but her dying words confused him, "Eagle..?" she was looking in the distance. Then she died, he padded off-

But was attacked by Silverlight, Strikefall roared with fury and almost killed him, but Poppysnow interfeared. Strikefall felt his blood turn to ice, he leapt at Poppysnow, biting her neck but Slash and Silverlight teamed up with her, and soon he was dying, his eyes returned to emerald green instead of blood red, "Forgive me.." he croacked out and died." Bluesong finished mewing her story to Finchkit. Curling her starry tail around the kit. Finchkit squealed, "Then what happened?" Bluesong purred, "Then Duskcloud came to the clan when Poppysnow and Barrenbranches kits were apprentices and met Vastpaw, thats were your story begins." Finchkit nodded vigerously. The sun was rising in the living world, "I have to go young one, your story begins today." the starry blue she-cat mewed standing up, "But I thought you said I'm not born yet? And I stay here for now," Finchkit asked curiously, but confused. "Well you're born today," Bluesong explained. "Oh.. OH!" Finchkit squealed with excitment.

So young.. So innocent.. Bluesong thought, Yet shes born in a time of diaster then something flashed within her, REMEMBER THE FORGOTTEN WARRIOR! Her head spun, as she watched Finchkit fade into the living, "Risingdawn.." she mewed watching the sunrise. But then she felt a spirit enter Starclan, four in fact. Vasthorizon had died, bringing her future kits here forever. "Why must Faunaclan go through such diastrous times?" then she felt a dark chill, and words filled Starclan a hiss, and the stench of blood, "I shall have revenge! Moonclaw! Help me have revenge on Poppystar, I want the snow bathed in her blood!!!" she then realized it was Ridenheart, darkness was coming to Faunaclan, and not even Starclan could stop it.


Risingdawn sighed, the clan gathered around Vasthorizion's body. Skypaw, and Palepaw weren't here. Willowpaw either, they hated her for attacking and harming a great many. "She was a loyal apprentice," Silverstar meowed, "Defending Duskcloud, and believing in him." Risingdawn nodded, but she felt a chill take her, her brother Pebblepaw had caused this pain, and will cause more with him denying Willowpaw as well as Vastpaw. "Oh brother.." she murmured. She padded away as the sun set turning the dew wet clearing golden. Making Vastpaws fur look a golden color. She curled up, and felt a chill as looked at a forest with a dark mist and a black red sky. She saw a black white she-cat, "I am Moonclaw, Ridenheart Silverstar's old mate has called from Starclan for me to help him, I have choosen you Risingdawn," she mewed, Risingdawn backed up. Suddenly she felt her paws grow wet, "YOUR FUTURE!" Moonclaw yowled. She saw her paws wet with blood killing a cat, Poppystar! And many more, but she was leading her clan, with a strict rule, Kill or be Killed was her motto. But the clan was sorta happy, no more disputes, no more shortage of prey, traitors and doubters were exiled or killed. Most oftenly killed, Poppystar wasn't leader but was dead.  But Risingdawn ruled the clan. She suddenly flashed back to the spooky dark forest, "See? The clan is prospering! Everything in perfect order, with you as ruler, don't you want that?" Risingdawn nodded vigerously, "Maybe without so much killing but yes I do!" she mewed cofidently. "Good then you must kill Poppystar, she threatens this order," Moonclaw whispered in a low threateningly tone. Risingdawn nodded, "Yes of course Moonclaw she shall die!" But quickly she awoke in her nest. She jumped up, Did that really happen? she thought. But she saw Moonclaw's red eyes so clearly! It couldn't have been just a made up dream! It HAD to be real! She padded out with a head shake, I'll finish my task tomorrow, she thought. Padding out of camp, she noticed a shadowy figure, the cat noticed her and darted away into the bushes. "Hey! Wait!" Risingdawn called, darting after. She watched as the forest landscape blurred as she ran faster then she ever had before, she followed the tom, leaping over logs gracefully. She ended up in a clearing filled with sunlight, and had a sparkling pond. The pale brown tabby tom looked over, his emerald eyes sparking, "You followed me!" he meowed a hint of suprise in his voice. Risingdawn lifted a paw exaiming it, "Yeah, it was easy!" she boasted. Boy this kittypet, OR ROGUE, sure is bold to be talking to a warrior like me! she thought, "Anyway why DID YOU follow me," he asked no fear in his meow, or gaze. "Weeeeell..." she meowed, "I thought you were an intruder! But your no threat, probably a soft kittypet." she saw the tom bristle, "I'm no kittypet! I'm a warri- ROGUE! Yes an honorable rogue!" he meowed puffing out his chest. "Anyway I'm Strikefall." he meowed. Risingdawn responded, "I'm Risingdawn."  she felt a surge of warmth for the bold rogue. Maybe he's not so bad..  Risingdawn thought. Strikefall glanced at her his gaze kind, soft, and warm. "Hehe..Heeh..." Strikefall meowed awkwardly looking away obviously embarassed. "Yeah.. so... I wonder what it's like to be a rogue," Risingdawn meowed. Strikefall responded, "You would like it.." Risingdawn felt her pelt grow hot.. For Starclans sake I'm falling for a rogue! she scolded herself. But she couldn't deny her growing fastly feelings for this brave tom.. NO! I am a snowyclan warrior not some moonstruck rabbit! she scolded herself. "Anyway, what brings you into Snowyclan territory, Strikefall?" she asked. "Oh.. I've been watching you, Risingdawn." he meowed attempting a casual meow. Risingdawn ducked her head down heat waving through her pelt, "M-me?" "Yes! You're quite beautiful, and attrative, you caught my eye that's all." he meowed licking a paw. Risingdawn glanced up, "Heheheeeh..." she awkwardly begun, "Well I guess I must be attractive to catch the eye of a handsome tom like you!" she suddenly placed her paw over her mouth with a gasp, "Did I say that out loud?!" Strikefall chuckled, "Yes you did," he laughed. Risingdawn noticed he had scooted close enough to her so their pelts were brushing. She tore her gaze away quickly, "Well.. You are handsome that's definitely true!" she meowed trying to sound casual but sounded dreamy instead. She glanced over to see Strikefall raise an eyebrow, "You're not crushing on me are you? A rogue?" he asked. "" Risingdawn stammered and ducked her head, "I guess so," she meowed. Strikefall glanced at her, "Well good.." he meowed in a suprisely soft tone, Risingdawn lifted her head catching his eye suprised. "Cause I think I'm crushing on you too," he purred. Risingdawn looked suprised, not thinking she nuzzled him. She felt Strikefall nuzzle back, Risingdawn after a while she pulled back and stood, "I better go now," she meowed. Strikefall nodded in goodbye and Risingdawn padded back to camp. What are you thinking!? Loving on a rogue!? Plus he loves you back! This won't end well! she thought. She saw the confused gazes from her clanmates, she then knew she was blushing. I can't even keep this a secret.. at least for now!




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