• Jukithecat

    Nightstrike's Despair Ch2

    September 21, 2016 by Jukithecat

    WARNING: This chapter contains violence, though I'm sure many of the Warrior Cat readers are used to it.

    The littermates all knew what to do, even Bird. They ran. Maso stared at Bird, ready to leap to her defense. Bird was running into the den and yelling "Mom!".

    Maso shifted his view just enough to look at the badger just as it picked up Ari by the throat and threw her into the tree.

    "Ari!" He cried, running to her side.

    The black shekit was unconscious, her brown tail covering most of her face. Maso tried to wake her up but the badger threw him aside, knocking him into a tree.

    His vision blurred. His head was throbbing with pain. Yet he still raised his head slightly, just as the badger ripped open Ari's chest, spattering blood everywhere.


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  • Jukithecat

    Nightstrike's Despair Ch1

    September 20, 2016 by Jukithecat

    Why? Why did her family have to turn out like this? 

    Bird woke up and sighed''. Ugh, 'She thought, Why can't I leave the few pawsteps of territory we actually have?

    Then she realized something. Her littermates, Maso and Ari, were missing! She scented the air for her mother and sighed in relief when she heard her mother, Night, teaching her siblings how to hunt. She remembered that they were almost six moons old. Seven was when they got to explore the world on their own. Bird shook out her pelt then cried the uncontrollable meow, which sounded kind of like a bird's cry, that gave her her name. Night meowed to her, "Come over here, Bird. There's something I need to tell you."

    Oh yay! She thought. I get to learn how to hunt! Then she remembered …

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