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A faint mewling came from within the tree trunk, as the wind whistled around the family. Jaggedheart, a pale brown and black tom gave a growl, sensing movement outside. His mate, Tigerfur, meowed with worry " Don't go fighting Jag, I want our kits to have a father. " He nodded, but frowned as he watched down onto the three kits. The first, oldest kit gave a wiggle, biting gently onto her fathers paw, but the other two twin kits were still. Tigerfur gave a shriek, seeing a large, muscular figure outside the trunk. Jag spun around,his lips drawn back into a snarl. His eyes widened with horror as he saw his old friend. " Jax, how DARE you come here. " Jax gave a short, bitter laugh. " I see my darling ran to you after she left me " Tigerfur let out a hiss, moving the kits behind her. Tigerfur meowed " Ill never be yours you furball." " We'll see, we'll see.." Jax suddenly sprang at Jag, pinning the younger tom down easily and unsheathing his long claws. " Your whole family will watch you DIE!" Tigerfur lept into the way, screeching "NO!" and letting out a wail of pain as she was killed instantly. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!" Jag let out a yowl. Jax laughed again before padding off, leaving the broken family behind.

Chapter 1

Tiger purred playfully, watching her dad search for her. She was an only kit, apparently her sisters had died when she was young. She sneezed, immediately alerting her father. " Tiger, i know you're there!"