Chapter 1

The golden, russet sky melted together into a light, pinkish white and yellow color. The blazing disc of the sun peaked over the mountainous horizon, casting a soft, warm glow over the valley. A Large, black and scarlet-ginger shecat closed her icy, violet and azure gaze, lifting her face to bask in the warmth. She inhaled the lucious, fresh scent of the forest surrounding her, and exaled, letting her breathe stir the large oak trees that bent over her head. She squinted her eyes open, and let pride well into her heart, as she bent over to look at her gathered clanmates, standing around a large, jutting rock. The edges of the rock were worn away smoothly, and the top was flat, wide and spacious enough for the large She-cat to stand comfortably on. Around the back, stood a large, wide oak tree. It's branches reached into the sky, spreading apart, and sprouting together, and bent over this rock. Around the back, where this large boulder flanked the tree, tucked in the back, was a hollow part of the gargantuan stone, partially covered by the trunk of the tree, covering the den from any bad weather. The dip gouged deeper into the rock, spreading into a spacious den, large enough to fit a few, decent sized warriors. Scarlet star seperated her jaws gently, and let her voice flow out, bouncing off the sided of her camp walls, and bellowing loud enough to catch her clan's attention. "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather beneath the high rock for a clan gathering!" She spoke loudly. A large flow of cats emerged from each den, from the youngest apprentice, to the oldest elder. The warrior joined together with the apprentices, and they merged together, the elites and the seniors making the straight front row. The apprentice lined together at the sides, and the elders tucked away to the middle of the crowd. The rest of the clan showed up a few moments earlier. Scarletstar felt pride melt through her body, warming her from toes to ear tips. I am so glad that my clan is thriving, living easily, with everyone around then to help. Her thoughts whirled with love, and joy. She spoke once again, "It is wonderful to see everyone here. As you all know, we are living well, with enough prey to feed us all. But, as you know, Leaf-fall is coming, with Leaf-bare nipping it's feet. We must prepare. We can;t let ourselves be unprepared, and with nothing to eat. We might be doing well now, but the future is always unknown." Her clanmates nodded in an understanding agreement. A slate, bluish grey she-cat called out, raising her voice. "I can help collect herbs! We have a nice, thick clump of horsetail just over the ridge!" Rainpaw mewlwed excitedly, and bounced. A heartbeat later, she was scolded, but a golden and tan She-cat. Rainpaw sat down, glumly, and Scarletstar couldn't help but feel a speck of sympathy. Her paws itched, and it felt like an eternity later that everyone was looking at her again. "Yes, Rainpaw, that will be nice, but you musn't call out. As for everyone else, I do have another announcement to tell all of you. As you know, Cloverpatch's kits, Acornkit, Sludgekit, and Pinekit are very close to their sixth moon, and will be apprentices very soon. I wanted to ask if some of our warriors could start showing them a few simple hunting crouches. This way, they will be prepared for their training." Scarletstar wrapped her tail around her paws gently. "Clan meeting dismissed." She concluded her speech, and leapt down from the high rock. She slipped into her den, and curled up gently in her bracken and moss nest. She tucked her nose under her tail, and started to nap. I wonder how our medicine cats are doing. She thought, and started to drift off, deciding to check when she woke up.

Chapter 2

Scarletstar's tail slid away from her eyes groggily, and flipped around, brushing her nose. She sniffed, and slid her eyes open lazily. She yawned, and craned her neck, stretching, and lifting herself up. She arched her back, and started to shuffle out of her den. She yawned against the sun-high light, and started to slide her gaze across the clearing. She felt her pelt prickle, as a stirring, chilly breeze ruffled her side. Leaf-fall is coming. We must prepare. She spotted Cloverpaw, and Kami, play-fighting with eachother. Cloverpaw patted him down easily, and rolled over, sliding away from his flailing paws. Scarletstar yawned, sleep still clinging to her pelt. She padded over to Dawncrest, who was scooping the prey pile together, and nudging loose mice back to the pile, so that they didn't get trampled. She felt relieved to see somebody that she could talk to. His tan fur ruffled, as another brisk wind sliced through the camp. "Have you gone on patrol yet?" She asked coolly. "No. I was about to organize one when I finished here. And I just about am." He replied. "Well, I want you to take Brightpath, Cloverpaw, and Flamescar to hunt. Check the Red valley borders while you're at it too." She saw a flicked of irritation spread across his face for a brief moment. "But you know how much of a trouble-maker Cloverpaw can be.. She'll probably wind up chasing a rabbit too far, and fall right into the creek!" Scarletstar felt annoyed, and let out a calming breath. "She isn't a bad apprentice. She is just very hyper, and determined. She is an excellent hunter, and you know that. And don't even start complaining about anything else please. I'm not feeling very well at the moment." Dawncrest looked taken back, but nodded in understanding. "Of course Scarletstar. I'll get them right away." He turned, and bounded away, rounding up his patrol. Scarletstar's stomach flipped a bit, and churned. She felt nauseous. She shook her head, and started to pad over to the nursery. She poked her head in gently, and purred, as she saw Bumbleheart cuddling a few kits close to her belly. She felt sympathy for Bumbleheart, knowing she wanted to be a warrior, but it faded away as she remembered how happy Bumbleheart would be around kits. She was so gentle and loving, and cared for many generations of kits. Thought she was a permenant queen, she still protected her clan when no kits needed her care. She ducked out of the den, and crouched low, clenching as a sharp pain sliced at her stomach. She snapped her teeth together, and struggled, trying to ignore the pain. An elderly, brown and black she-cat prodded her gently. Her skinny paw still jabbing her ribs. Scarletstar looked up at the sudden touch, and she saw Coldpatch. "Are you sure you're feelin' alright Scarletstar? I reckon', you don't look so keen now." Scarletstar wanted to stay strong, and look healthy infront of her clan, and felt embarrassed at the cat's concern. "Oh, don't worry, I'm fine. Just a little, er, stomach ache, that's all. Why don't you spend some time with Dewfall? I heard she had a story she wanted to tell you." Scarlet star fibbed. She felt guilty, but she only wanted the elder to leave her at peace for now. Coldstream narrowed her eyes, and shrugged, padding away. Every heartbeat that passed, Scarletstar felt worse and worse. She decided that she should just wait it out at her den. Moments later, she found herself curled up in her den, breathing deeply. She drifted off, and tucked in a tight ball.

Chapter 3

A dark, wispy fog swirled, and churned at Scarletstar's reddish ginger paws. All around her, darkness engulfed her, and she found herself standing on nothing. She lurched, and felt herself falling, pain prickling at her feet, and spreading up through her legs and sides, all the way to her ear tips. It poked her like tiny thorns, and she felt numb, and tingly. She tried to yowl, but nothing came out from her gaping jaws. She flinched, and flipped around, in a pitiful attempt to stop her falling. Suddenly, her vision went black, and she heard an ear piercing ringing. It screamed in her ears until her head hurt horribly. She felt nothing, saw nothing, and couldn't move. She felt like nothing, nothing but a gaping hole. Non existant. She had no emotions, and no thoughts. She just wasn't there, and finally, she felt as she was going crazy. She suddenly found herself in her nest, moss strewn everywhere. She felt numb, and her stomach felt like it was being stabbed with icy claws. She had a migraine in her head and eyes, and the deafening ringing still lingered in her ear-drums. She could hardly breath, and there were little, colored spots all around her vision. She felt hot and sticky, and every time she attempted to move, her muscled and joints screamed in pain. She felt stiff, and started to breathe heavily. She didn't understand what was happening, and couldn't think of what could be happening anyway. Dear Starclan! What's happening to me?..

Rushpaw Edit

The dark, gray clouds blanketed the sky like thick, gray fur. The brown, speckled tom, with clover green eyes stared in wonder at his new home. Rushpaw had recently been introduced into the Bearclan camp. He was found as a loner in the woods. His paws churned in the pale, green leaves that blanketed the mossy ground of the clearing. A large, muscular, broad shouldered silver and white she-cat approached him. Her deep, icy blue eyes burning with suspicion. He had his new friend Twigpaw at his side, and he shrunk back in fear. The large shecat spoke. "What are you? A mouse? You're so thin, the wind can blow you away. I heard they found some sort of loner wandering the territory. Ha, i'm suprised you made it this far." She spun on her large paws, and stalked away. Rushpaw flinched, and stared down at his paws. He felt a comforting, warm nudge at his shoulder. "Hey, don't worry. Celtic is a bit.. Grumpy." Twigpaw comforted him gently. "Do you.. Do you think she liked me? She's.. scary.." Rushpaw questioned, a rueful look on his face. "Celtic doesn't like anyone." Twigpaw retorted. Rushpaw nodded, and began to slip into his den, with the other brown feline flanking his side.