Prologue Edit

The sulfur covered dragonet cried. Her small tail was twisted awkwardly, and stood out on the sand like a diamond in dust.

"What is a CoalTalon doing in LightTalon kingdom territory?" A sand colored dragon growled, his poison barbed talons and wings curling.

"Stop, Beam," another commanded.

Why must we torture the CoalTalons? The sun yellow dragonet's barbed talon appeared to be shining.

"Celestial, stop standing there and go tell Queen Scorpion. She'll want to know about this."

"Oh, oh, oh! Alright!" The sun yellow dragonet piped up. With a small wave to the sulfur dragon, she flew up, the sand dune she was on falling apart.

"Clumsy." She heard Beam, the sand colored dragon, growl.

The CoalTalon's pale white eyes followed her. Stop watching me, she seethed in her mind, please. With that, she flew off, the large sun supporting her flight.

Chapter One - Spoken Truth Edit

"Spit up, Celestial." The regal looking, bright orange, vicious dragon seethed.

"CoalTalon on the Western Patrol," she breathed, her bright tail curling mid-flight. Her orange eyes seemed feirce, but her face twisted in otherwise.

"LOUDER." The Queen roared.

"CoalTalon on the Western Patrol," she spoke up, this time flinching from the look in the sulfur dragon's eyes, and her cry of fear.

"Good. Tell them to return. You, you get no eatings tonight."


"Oh, because you were late, you disobeyed, what else might I add? Oh, you're weak, you're useless, you are not honorable for us, now go."

She flinched. She had been called weak and useless for her whole life. She had never been called a disgrace to the name of LightTalons. I hate my home and my life, she thought. Why don't I just, go? She started for the exit.

"W-wai-t, Celestial," a voice called.

"Yes?" She turned half expecting it to be the Queen, half expecting it to be another CoalTalon.

"Co-come with me, pleas-e..." It trailed off. Only a ghost of a LightTalon looking dragonet was there. "Please."

"O-okay..." She saw the ghost fly off. She followed it, her shining scales giving off light.

"Listen. You're special, not a freak. You're animus."


"Yes. I was once too. We have to get out of here, now. LightTalons don't take animus well, and Queen Scorpion will kill you, if she remembers her training."


"Ask questions later. Just listen to me."

Chapter Two- The Animus Tree Edit

"Welcome to our tree!" He threw his misty claws into the air, presenting a dead, tall, oak tree.


"There are others! Don't worry! Cmon!"

"Oh-Um, alright.."

The misty Animus LightTalon beckoned for Celestial to come, disappearing into the thick bark. "I'm not a ghost like you!" She cried as she stepped into the thick bark.

"Hah, the ol' Bark trick again, Drought?"

"Drought?" Celestial gasped. The story? The name? What sounds familiar about it!

"Er, yes.. Celestial."

"What sounds familiar here? CELESTIAL!!" Another LightTalon arrived. The small cavern was only lit by two torches, barely lit, and strongly by Celestial's glow.

"Corypha? Are you here? I thought you were dead!"

"Yes I'm here Celestial." The LightTalon finally showed herself, a beige dragonet with dark patterns.

"I thought you died!"

"That's what I thought when Cobra disappeared."

"Cobra's here too?"



"Well...he got...err..killed while protecting the tree from a pack of boars.."

"Boars? Pfft, I thought I was weak."

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