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Author's note:

This is mainly just a backstory/past of my newest role-playing OC, Dahlia.

This story may get a little gory, so beware.

Prologue Edit

"Tatiana!" Dahlia exclaimed with pure horror as she watched her sister get her throat torn out.

Dahlia bunched her haunches, preparing to leap. She lunged, only to tackle her leader, Wither.

"Wither?! What are you doing! My sister- she's going to die!" Dahlia yowled, scrunching up her forehead to give Wither a disapproving and intimidating glare, "Do you want her dead?"

"Lia, this is her fate." Wither explained, only to receive a harsh nip to his ankle.

"Get out of my way, I don't want to hurt you! And- don't call me Lia, only Tatiana gets to call me that." Dahlia spat at her leader, weaving past him.

She let out a menacing snarl, her paws creating a sickening impact to Tatiana's attacker, bowling the canine over.

Dahlia wrapped her substantial jaws around the dog's neck, her pearly canines sinking into the surrounding flesh. She revolved herself, twisting and propping up her opponent against a tree.

"I hope you're already regretting your decision, mutt!" Dahlia snickered before jolting her head, the satisfying crack of a bone snapping filling her ears as a smirk displayed over her muzzle.

"This is what you get for trying to kill my sister," Dahlia narrowed her eyes to snake-like slits, aimed towards the now limp attacker.

Bounding over to her sister, Dahlia saw a gash evinced among her neck. She inhaled sharply as her breathing hitched within her throat, worry clouding her gaze.

"T- Tatiana?" She whispered.

Tatiana was not breathing. Her chest not lifting and descending as one would inhale air, but idle.

"Dahlia..." Wither padded up to Dahlia's side, resting his tail over her shoulder, "It'll be alright."