Prologue Edit

Crimson stained their paws as they tracked through the destroyed territory.

"We need to find him, Akili, I can't track out his scent through all of the blood," A light brown she-cat shuffled behind her sister, flame colored eyes cold as stone.

The ginger she-cat ahead of her rolled her sharp, mint green eyes, "We will find him, Katili.." Katili huffed and parted her narrow jaws to scent the air, head swiveling around.

"I can't catch the scent, everything is too muffled." Katili padded towards a trampled hilltop, Akili taking up the rear. The two sisters surveyed the field from the blood-stained hill, fur bristling. Long golden grass was flattened down to the breaking point, others torn out completely. The field was stained crimson, the setting sun throwing an eerie shadow over the field. The sisters turned to each-other, hardened gazes meeting.

"Maybe this job won't be as easy as I thought," Akili murmured. The pair slipped down the hill, weaving among the few clumps of remaining grass, along with the occasional cold body. They came across a tabby tom, resting in the grass, as if he were only asleep. Akili reached out her white paw and patted a tuft of fur down flat on the gray-brown tom's head.

"Oh Cliffstar, if only you had fetched us sooner, none of this would have even taken place.." Katili murmured over the still body of their client.

"Come, little sister, we will resume the hunt tomorrow," Katili flicked her tail, retreating into the thickening forest overgrowth, leaving behind the blood-stained battle field.



Chapter One Edit

Katili awoke with a gasp, orange eyes shooting open. She glanced around, remembering where she was. Her spine was pressed against her sister's. The pair had found shelter under a flowering hawthorn bush deeper into the forest. Akili groaned and stretched, eyes glazed as she let out a yawn. Katili rose from the long, sheltered grass and immediately gazed around the area, eyes alert. She ventured away from the hawthorn bush with a muffled meow,

"I need to go check on the field to make sure the birds aren't having a feast."

The she-cat emerged out onto the field, spotting a ginger and white tom scouting across the field. She snarled and dropped into the grass, snaking towards him. As she crept closer, she noticed he was quite a considerable size larger than herself. She let her tail wag back and forth, causing the grass to shudder, drawing the tom-cat closer. With a furious yowl, she launched herself onto the tom, using the surprise to bowl him over. She pinned him down, but didn't meet any resistance. She looked down angrily at the smirking tom.

"Can't you see there was a battle here? Don't go sticking your nose where it doesn't belong," Katili hissed. The tom grasped her shoulders and rolled over until she was pinned down under him.

"Well, maybe I just care about my clan," he growled, releasing his grip on her shoulders.



Katili sprung up, and after giving her chest fur a few embarrassed licks, she murmured, "Sorry, who are you anyways..?"

The tom hesitated, then meowed, "Hawksplash, and you are?"


The two held an awkward silence before Hawksplash spoke.

"Why are you here?"

"Cliffstar was a client in need of some help. A traitorous cat was ripping SwiftClan apart from the seams. He was afraid of..." Katili trailed off, motioning to the russet splattered field with a flick of her light brown tail.

"He wanted us to root out the cat and dispose of him."


Katili shook her head, ears flicking, "Yes, my sister, Akili, is here, we are partners in this... Bounty hunting group."

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