Introduction Edit

Welcome, wanderers! This is the story of Lostclaw, a warrior tom who has found himself captured by twolegs. If you make the right choices, you can find your way back to Swiftclan, your family and friends. You must place yourself in this tom's paws and find the path to safety - wherever it may lie.

This story is very much a work in progress. If you have any advice, reviews, or any opinion on it at all, I am very happy to hear them all. Thankyou, and enjoy!

Start Edit

You stand, your head aching so badly that you can barely open your eyes. Your paws are sore, and you are sore that one of your paw pads has been torn, or at least badly bruised. The stench of twolegs surrounds you, and metal mesh forms the ground beneath your paws.

You are in a shed, a smaller version of a twoleg nest, and there are two other cats in the cages. You notice that the door to yours is open, but theirs are locked shut. You can hear a twoleg pacing towards the shed.

What do you do?

Run out of the twoleg shed

Hide behind the door

Run out of the twoleg shed Edit

You sprint on your lean, warrior-like legs, moving swiftly over the floor and out through the gaping door. You leave the twoleg dumbstruck, who begins to call the others.

You continue to run, not pausing until you find the edge of the lawn. At the gateway to the woods, you pause. There is a fork in the path.

What do you do?

Go left, towards the thick forest

Go right, towards the meadow

Hide behind the door Edit

You decide to cower behind the door, and thankfully, the twolegs don't notice you. You wait, however, before leaving through a small crack they have made in the wall behind you.

The tomcats have woken, but say nothing. They clearly do not care much about escaping.

Outside, the lawn is still and calm, so you cross it with ease. At the edge of the woods, you find a fork in the path.

What do you do?

Go left, towards the thick forest

Go right, towards the meadow

Go left, towards the thick forest Edit

You decide, since your own clan resides in a forest, that it would be a good idea to search there first. You set off down the twisting, turning path, your tail swishing in the gentle wind. You are hunting, your mouth watering over the scent of a mouse, before you realise that the trail is intertwined with another - the trail of a rival clan's tomcat warrior.

What do you do?

Look for the warrior

Head upwards, towards the hills

Go right, towards the meadow Edit

You decide that the calm, open meadow to your distant left is more your style, and head towards it. The wind batters your pelt and your paws are soon muddied but you continue to travel, as your mentor taught you.

You're just wandering towards a river when you find a group of four cats sitting on the sandbank. They look well fed and clean; clearly they are part of a larger group.

What do you do?

Leave them, you're better on your own

Ask to join them; they look friendly

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