The people who live in this apartment building are weird, but none are weirder than the lady at Unit 1313, known as Ms.L. Nobody has seen much of her, even though she's lived here for 4 years. One day, me and my roommate Kyle decide to pay her a visit. We go up the elevator and slowly, steadily, we knock on her door. "Come in boys, the door is unlocked.", in an English accent. I gasp, how does she know we're even coming?! Her whole apartment is painted white. All that is there in her living room are 3 armchairs and a coffee table. She looks a bit bizarre, I mean, she was wearing a t-shirt, jeans and sandals. But she's also wearing a mask, concealing her face. "So, how long have you 2 been living here?" "Well, we both have been living here for 3 months as we're attending the university just down the street." "Hmm, very well." "What's your name, ma'am?" "Laura. Laura Trenton." Then Kyle asks the dumbest question that has been known to mankind. "What's with the mask Laura?". Laura didn't even reply. She takes it off. She looks like a normal English 29 year-old woman, but in seconds it changes. Her face grows longer, hair grows, and her teeth become razor-sharp. She basically has the head of a wolf and the body of a woman. She gives a long, dirty stare at Kyle and lunges at him. In a deep, husky voice she says "I'm coming for you, boy!". Just in time, I whack her in the head with an umbrella real hard, leaving her unconscious and revert her to her human form. I grab Kyle and shut the door and punch the elvator button super hard. "Kyle, you imbecile why would you ask that?!" "Bruh I was just curious." "Never mind, it looks like we've got some were-wolf hunting to do." And we proceed to enter the elevator

Stay tuned for part 2, coming out on Halloween, also, please give feedback before I publish this on the Creepypasta wiki on Friday!

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