==The Killing==
  • Scar
  • Tsunami
  • Stare/Scar's Mother
  • Aishain/His Brother
  • His Father (IRL)

I sighed, making a slight growl, I turned to my mom that was nawing on a bone like a stupid fur ball. I barked, scaring my whole entire family, my grandpa, father, brother, mother and cousins. " Mother, is it true? I have no sister? Is it?" I growled, trying to force my mother to bow down. She didn't, instead, she rose bigger than me. "It IS true you don't have a sister, now hush that big mouth of yours and stop growling!" My mother spat, with a bark larger than mine. I stared, but I still showed no mercy. My father suddenly jumped in. Of course, my family interrupts every single conversation I have. "Break it up you both. We don't need this fighting in front of your lil' cousins" My father growled, sinking his paws in the huge area that was in the middle of the stair case. I ran towards my nest, or no-furs call it a bed. I sighed, tucking my left paw in my fur, while my other one was squished by my head. I whimpered, sighing. I felt as if I was strongly abused by someone. I looked at the broken glass boredly, but was still searching if I had a sister or not. I made a deep breath, maybe my sister died from a roaring wheel? I thought, strongly before I even put my head into the game. But nothing was a game to me. I was just pure serious. I looked out the window, sighing, I got up, padding down the stairs. "Mom, can we talk, at the Rushing Waters?" I sighed as I finished padding down the stairs. "Why not?" My mom said sarcastically, I knew she was hiding something. We padded out of the anabandon house and ran towards the Rushing Waters. The whole time, I was looking at my mother mysteriously. We sat on the two rocks that was nearest. I growled, I even heard her growl as well. I leaped onto her, rushing my thick claws into her back, drilling my sharp thorn like fangs into her neck before she could do anything to me. I felt the air rush through my pelt as I realized, she threw me in mid- air! She padded after me, making large thumps as she ran, I crashed into a bush, the brambles bugged my fur. I got up, yes, I was brave enough to take that huge through-mid. It suddenly was silent, I stalked Stare (My mother), I leaped onto her, this time, bringing her down fastly, forced her down, but suddenly, it was silent. No growls to be heard, me and my mom listened at shaking bushes. It was my father! I leaped of, my father still looking very mad at me, as always. I rose to my paws, limping towards my house without saying sorry to my father. My mother whispered to him, I even heard her, "He tried to kill me!" when I mostly had scars, deep ones too. I caught my breath, panting, I finally made it to my home. But, oddly, I noticed the rest of my family were staring at me. I kept panting, walking off to my nest, I've decided to join a pack, a good one as well..

Chapter 2Edit

I sharpened my fangs, nawing on a bone, I twitched my ear, looking at my mom trying to say that I nearly killed her, I sighed, shaking my head. I didn't care what she said, she just lies. I looked at a sack, I was clever enough to pack. I yanked my sheets off of my nest, grabbing some sticks, I scanned to see if I needed something else. I of course left a bear-claw for them to remember me-which, they probably won't. My claws made loud screeches as I slid off a roof above a window. I jumped off running as fast as I possibly could. I panted, feeling the wind brush through my pelt. I actually never felt this way in my life. I ran into a wolf with blue, bright eyes. I growled "what do you want, and who are you?" the female growled "I ran from my family, watcha think, eh?" she growled, lashing her white tail. "Same as me!" I lit up, but still felt dark inside. "Great,mmm, should we live together? I have my stuff-" She made a failing yip, I seen sorrow in her eyes, I cracked up "Me too!- it seems like we're related." She continued "Yeah, I'll set up our camp. If anyone comes near us, they'll die. Oh, and my name is Tsunami." I nodded, "That'd be nice. I'm Scar, a loner now." I layed out my cover-nest. Getting three long sticks and putting them out, I wrapped the cover-nest on it, tying a vine on the top, yes, I'm clever, which you may not believe. I put moss around in the inside of my warm bed. I sighed, finally realizing I acted like a no-fur with this teepee stuff. I still went with it. It's not my fault my family was napped by furless creatures. I bit a stick, scracting it fastly on the huge rock. I suddenly seen flames, it was little ones though, so don't worry. I looked at Tsunami, I felt a sprinkle of rain ripple on the river that was right next to my den. I snarled "Ugh, I just got the fire done!!!! It took forever!!" she lifted a growl, her growl became bigger as she talked "Stop whining, we can get through the rain without throwing tantrums." I shot back, "You'll be the one doing the fire, the one who's whining is YOU!" I had no clue what I was saying, I just walked off as the rain splashed on me. I looked at the moon, it almost lit back at me, but I looked down, walking to my nest. Tsunami did too, but she wasn't mad at all. I turned 3 times before I curled up into a tight ball, but, it wasn't that tight,-normal.The next day it was still raining, yes, still. I sighed, I felt no warmth. I sighed folding into a straight stand. Walked to Tsunami, hoping she was awake. But unfortunately, she wasn't awake.

Chapter 3Edit

I shifted my head towards a shepherd stalking me in a bush. I barked, alerting Tsunami, Tsunami got up and growled "What is it?" I sighed, dipping my head to see if it was someone I known. "A german shepherd-it looks like me!" I screeched looking at a torn/wretched shepherd, it was my MOTHER! "What do you want, mother?" I growled, making my stand perfect, almost trying to show off in front of Tsunami. "I want...... REVENGE!" My mother leaped onto me, slicing my flesh by slashing her fangs into my shoulder, I whimpered, but got up and bit her neck. Tsunami leaped onto her, knocking her down, she powerfully kicked her jaw, almost breaking it loose. I got up biting her tail, jerking my head, I ripped her tail off, making her whimper loudly. I smiled "Well, revenge is all you're seeking, can't you see? It's the end, mother." I growled, looking at the flesh drip from her tail. Tsunami slid her long fangs into her neck, making her fall. Me and her actually howled for victory-as if we were wolves! We looked at the limp wolf, dripping rain and flesh. "I beg for mercy..." she spat, we, for the first time, let a hound or a wolf, go free. "She's a mercier" Tsunami spat. "That's not a word, but it is in fact true." I chuckled. I panted and went to the river, drinking some fresh nature water. Right now, I literally seen flesh from my mouth float on the river tops.