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A series of gripping books

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The Tribe of Harmless Storms

Leader: Kona

A small ginger she-cat with white paws and chest.

Deputy: Netoi

A large, pitch black tom with unusual green eyes.

Herb Cat: Loki

A tortoiseshell tom with long fur and amber eyes.



A sandy, green eyed she-cat.

Apprentice: Lenka


A grey she-cat with darker flecks.


A pure white tom with electric blue eyes.

Apprentice: Neet


A tan tom with amber eyes and long fur.


A stormy grey she-cat with green eyes.

Apprentice: Dako



A tan she-cat with blue eyes.


A pitch black tom with amber eyes.


A ginger tom with blue eyes.



A white she-cat with blue eyes


A brown she-cat with darker spots.

The Tribe of Swift Winds

Leader: Milan

A white tom with blue eyes.

Deputy: Gaia

A ginger she-cat with fierce green eyes.

Herb Wolf: Lion

A yellowy, sandy tom with green eyes



A simple brown she-cat with green eyes


A gray cat with strange white paws and amber eyes


A pitch black she-cat with blue eyes and a short temper


A Russian Blue she-cat with light blue eyes and a grey nose.


A leopard spotted tom with green eyes


A dark brown tom with amber eyes





The Tribe of Wrath

Leader: Sasha

A tortoise shell she-cat with hardly any black and electric eyes. Has a secret love for her Deputy.

Deputy: Adder

A pitch black tom also with electric blue eyes, a sharp tongue and a crush on his leader.

Medicine Cat: Akiya

A brown she-cat with darker stripes and green eyes



A russet coloured she-cat with green eyes and a light black stripe from the base of her neck to the tip of her tail, also Sasha's sister.

Apprentice: Vex


A white tom with black paws and a friendly blue eyes, Russet's mate.

Apprentice: Hallow


A tan she-cat with amber eyes and an unknown personality. Hardly comes out hence her name.


A pitch black she-cat with blue eyes. Is very lively at the eclipse also hence the name.

Apprentice: Xenon


An ash grey tom with darker paws and tail. Eclipse's mate.

Apprentice: Ember


A white she-cat with ginger covered paws, tail and ears with green eyes


A black tom with brown eyes, Xeon's mate and well known for getting stuck in brambles.


A Russian Blue she-cat with Heterochromatic Blue-Green eyes, Sasha and Russet's sister.

Apprentice: Icicle



A solid white tom with blue eyes.


A brown tom with strange black patches and amber eyes.


A ginger she-cat with white covered paws and chest and green eyes. Xeon's sister.


A white she-cat with blue eyes. Fallen's daughter.



A gray she-cat with white patches and sapphire eyes.


A ginger she-cat with green eyes.

The Tribe of Fallen Blossoms

Leader: Poppy

A reddish she-cat with blue eyes

Deputy: Storm

A russian blue tom with green eyes

Herb Cat: Violet

A pure white she-cat with amber eyes.









Adder violet

Crimson splatted on the ground, the yowling and hissing of cats had filled the once peaceful clearing. Unmoving bodies lay on the ground underneath angry Wrath cats. The occasional dog rampaged through and bit through innocent Blossom cats. A large pitch black tom wrestled with a white she-cat "How dare you intrude our tribe's territory! You and your eagle's prey tribe will pay!" He hissed angrily, delivering a powerful slash at her neck. Violet yowled in pain, she fell to the ground, hardly twitching in agony. She suddenly sprung up and pounced on the tom, He threw her to the ground and pinned her, gorging his long teeth into her chest. He wasn't called Adder for nothing. Violet's furry, bloodsoaked chest rose and fell slowly until it stopped altogether. Adder yowled triumphantly at killing one of the last Blossom cats. The Wrath cats had decided to keep the Leader and Deputy but kill off the rest shortly before the battle had begun.

Chapter 1

Kiara and her friend, Hatari sat in the Share-Grounds. They snuffled through the food they had scavenged. "Boy does that NoFur leave goood food!" Hatari mewed, licking her lips and delving into the strange foods she had found. Suddenly, a strange band of cats entered the Share-Grounds with a green eyed ginger tom leading them. They smelt strange, like the forest. But not their forest. Kiara got up and stood in front of the ginger, looking at all the cats "Who are you?" She slightly hissed. "We're clan cats." He mewed, swishing his tail "Your what cats?' Hatari said, puzzled and tilting her head. " Clan cats, we were sent on a prophecy by Starclan, well some of us. I'm Firestar and you are?" He announced. Kiara and Hatari exchanged looks and spoke up "I'm Kiara" "and I'm Hatari!". "We are from The Tribe of Harmless Storms." Kiara mewed. "Pfft, Call that a name! Harmless you must be horrible fighters!" A dark tom snickered. "Actually, we are the second best hunters and fighters, but we prefer to keep the peace" Hatari said. Suddenly, a ginger blur flashed past "What are you doing on Swift Wind territory" She hissed at Kiara and Hatari. "No it's not Gaia, These are called the Sharing-Grounds for a reason! Who are you to say for us to leave anyway, you lost your tribe's reputation and dignity in the Wrath Wind battle!" Kiara snarled. Gaia maintained her stance and fierce hiss "It wasn't me you Fish-face!" A tortoiseshell she-cat with a strange amount of black came towards the two. "Gaia, we all know that you did it, and that your tribe is the weakest besides Poppy's." She said in a thick Russian accent. Gaia flattened her ears and hissed "I'll be sure to tell Milan about this!" before running off. "Salutations, newcomer." The she-cat mewed calmly. "Err. Hello. I am  Blazestar of Thunderclan, and you are?" The ginger said, slightly puzzled at this cat's words. "I am Fallen, The warrior Elite of The tribe of Wrath. Your words are those spoken by the Stargazers, Are you 'clan cats'?" She replied, quite quickly. The dark cat beside Blazestar spoke up "I am Ravenclaw." Blazestar looked at him scornfully and turned back to Fallen.

To be continued