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Even though he is man, he's part of our pack.

Prologue Edit

A human family walked around the forest holding a young child. The child wore a necklace, the necklace was called the Wolves Den Spirit. The parents walked into a large gloomy cave where a small pup walked out his eyes were crystal blue and his pelt was white with a red gloom around it. The pups name was Nii. He sniffed the child and looked up at the parents. The pups parents soon breached the shadows, a large dark brown brute male locked eyes with the father and didn't look away. The mother looked down at her pup and the human child she soon noticed the childs necklace and nodded towards the parents. The parents nodded and left the den. 

"This child is the one Pine was talking about." Feather looked over at her mate with a smile. Broken looked at the childs necklace and his pup, "Nii, this will be your brother he is a human boy with a wolves heart. He will save our pack and show the world we aren't evil. You will treat him like a wolf and respect his power." Broken told his son who quickly nodded and headed back within the cave. 

"This child will show the world..." Feather said softly. "It's up to It to either help his pack...Or destroy it. But, what should we name it?" Broken said staring back at the child with bits of compassion. 

"Savior...Him and Nii will save the pack together..." Feather said picking up the child and entered the den. 

Chapter One Edit

-12 years Later-

"Come on Nii!" Savior called to his brother from the edge of the caves opening. Nii and Savior were both 12 moons old and they were learning the main hunting and fighting skills of their Ancestors, Savior was treated like a wolf for everything besides hunting Savior makes his own tools to hunt and hunts side-by-side with his brother Nii.