The Clan of Burnings Souls was originally AngelClan So let's start off there, With the first leader Angelstar, Nobody really knows how Angelstar came to be... Apart from her close relatives Blazestar and Secret. The only known information is that Angelstar's warriors name was Angelmoon. Angel moon was young when she joined her first clan... She wasn't even old enough to be a warrior. But she was. She joined a clan called SunsetClan. She was so interested in the clans ways that she started her own. It was only fitting that she called it Angelclan... Angelmoon soon became Angelstar and allied Sunsetclan. One day out in the wood Angelstar soon discovered a wolf pup all alone in the forest, At first she ignored it... But then she couldn't help feel bad for it. So she then looked after it and took it into the clan. Angel clan was gaining members rapidly and was growing and growing... A she-cat in the clan called Shinetail has recently had kittens in the clan. There was two she-kits and one tom-kit She named the she-kits Blazekit and Lightkit and named the tom-kit Ashkit. When the kits became apprentices Angelstar mentored Blazepaw. A week later Shinetail was dying due to a disease, And she made Angelstar promise to look after all three of her kits if she died. Later that week Shirttail died. The next moon all the three apprentices became warriors. Meanwhile, the wolf pup had overgrown Angelstar and was taller and stronger than her. The wolf was named Secretwhisper and Angelstar made her deputy. Later after that Angelstar and Blazepaw (Now Blazeheart) Had created anexcellent bond. Angelstar was becoming weak so she retired to become an elder. Secret whisper became leader and Angelstar demanded that she kept her leader name and made Blazeheart deputy before she retired... So exactly that happened. a moon later Secretstar was depressed became she was scaring the kits and apprentices and she did;t fit in... So Blazeheart suggested she created her own pack and recruited rouge wolves.. Secretstar decided this was a great idea and left the clan to make a pack of her own. Meanwhile, the leader of Sunsetclan (Who shall not be named for some reasons) Had enough of roleplaying so she decided to quit... She blamed it on Angelstar which made Angelstar depressed for quite awhile so Angelstar killed herself. Blaze heart became Leader and she changed the name to Colourclan to hide the clans dark secrets and act if it was a light clan. One day Blazestar was sitting in the forest when she met a cat called Amberstar. They became friends instantly and allied, and to this day they are still allied. That is enough for now.... More will be added soon ( Yup there is still more)