Prologue Edit

A foggy white kit's wide blue eyes opened suddenly.

"Dewkit! Your eyes are beautiful!" A pure white green eyed she-cat purred.

"Hi there Dewkit, I'm your father." A foggy grey tom purred up next to the she-kit and she-cat.

"Oh, Snowflower, Dewkit is adorable. I bet Acornkit would like to talk to her when he wakes up," another she-cat piped in.

"New kit!?" A pure brown tom-kit bounced over, his amber eyes wide.

"H-hi!" The kit called Dewkit replied, her blue eyes stretched wide.

All of a sudden, a yowl of chaos corrupted the peace. Screeching grinding roars was all to be heard. "Dewkit run!"

"Acornkit run!"

"Maplekit! Applekit! Run!"

"Shadowkit run!"

Chapter 1 Edit

"Is anyone hungry?" A molted orange she-kit with yellow eyes mewled.

"Nope!" Another orange she-kit replied.

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