T H E  B U R R O W  I N  T H E  W O O D S Edit

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We are the rogues that roam the dawn, our nation is made from the Blossom and Fawn. Our kind have fled, but will always hold our head. By uniting once more, we seek vengeance, no more. We are peaceful, kind, but never underestimate our kind. We have a plenty of dreams, even though it may not seem. We dream of our rough lives before, but heaven, no more! What shall we seek? What shall we be?...

V E N G E A N C E~C H A P T E R O N E~S K Y ' S P O V Edit

I padded up to the waters edge. Bending over to lap the water, I noticed movement beyond the Blossom Trees. I hesitated, my claws unsheathe. I looked up, water dripping from my chin. My blue eyes traced the area where I had sensed movement. I held back a shudder and a yowl as I felt something touch my shoulder. I turned my head, beginning to snarl. A white she-cat stared back at me, she looked taken a back by my sudden snarl. I froze, realizing who this she-cat was, almost as quick as remembering who I was. Cloud, my sister! I twisted my face into a relaxed frown. She laughed, "Did I scare you Sky? I noticed you had flinched." I purred, "Sorry about that. I thought you were someone else." She tilted her head, looking slightly confused. "I thought you were Ginger." Her head had tilted even more. I sighed, she realized this, "Why would you try to attack Ginger?" I sighed, pulling myself away from my litter-mate. I continued to drink the water. She watched me, her tail dropping instead of swaying with the breeze. I stood up, licking my lips and glaring at her. We didn't speak words, but we knew what each other was saying. I sighed again, dropping my head and shaking it. I began to pad away to the West Waters. I knew she was following me, so once I reached my destination I turned around. I had a strange feeling, as my head was still low. I glared at the ground, expecting a supportive lick from Cloud. I was drowned with confusion and curiosity, so I had to trust my instincts. I glared at the grass, searching for her white paws. I heard a strange purr. Well, I thought it was a purr. I bristled my pelt immediately, my chest puffed out bravely. I longed to hear silence, and it came true when my ears were flattened. My tail was high, and was obviously looking spiky at the moment. As I lifted my head, my face was squashed into a vicious snarl. I saw before me, a flicker of ginger in the shadows of the monumental oaks...

V I C T O R Y~C H A P T E R T W O~ C L O U D ' S P O V Edit

I gulped, finding that I was unable to yowl. My white fur was stained with red blood splatters. And still, I watched my older brother with hope. I felt a claw prick my neck and a cold voice, "If you want your brother alive, Cloudy, then stay shut tight." The voice ended with a hiss. I felt his paw pushing me out into the open. I looked back, trying to see who had taken me hostage. I scrambled to my paws, hearing my brothers voice. "Cloud! What happened?" He rushed over to me, his face swollen with regret and anger. I opened my mouth, my tongue formed words, but the only thing that came out was a stumbled cough of blood. Sky seemed alarmed and he lapped at my ears affectionately. All I could prospect for him was a dim smile. Sky looked around, trying to see who had captured me. I followed his gaze into the shadows, seeing a ginger and white tom, glaring at us. I gasped in alarm. Surely Ginger had not taken me hostage? I glanced at Sky, a sudden shrill of terror overcame me. I knew what would happen, and I knew why he had told me to keep shut tight. He had meant for me to stand aback whilst they would take on a gruesome battle. I heard Sky hiss, and I sensed fear through his pelt. He was scared of letting me down, not taking on revenge for me as he would have liked. Ginger stepped forward, into the more bright light. He glared down upon me, then met my brothers gaze. "I knew you would come back, Sky. You were none of the wiser to leave when you had the choice." He looked at me once more. I watched him shake his head and sigh. "Poor Cloud. Her voice-box was squashed whilst she had attempted to release herself from my grip." Sky snarled, "Don't ever come near me or Cloud again!" Ginger snickered and his face held a smirk. "See here, Sky, I will not be able to come near you and your pitiful sister once i'm done with you. You'll be long gone-" "Don't you even think about threatening me and my sister! You're an ungrateful slimy cat, Ginger." Ginger hissed with discomfort. I flayed myself out on the grass, too weak to struggle holding my head up any longer. Sky stared down at me with sorrow. His face held a sober look. I suddenly felt miserable watching my older brother. I sighed, struggling to find my paws. Sky nudged me, trying to help me up. I searched his face. Pain suddenly surged through me, and I was forced to fall once more. I heard the familiar hiss from Ginger. As I looked up, I felt lonely. I looked around seeing no one of my length of vision. I struggled to lift my head, and I looked around once more. I gasped with anger seeing Ginger dragging Sky along the ground. How could he have made him fall unconscious so fast? I had known Ginger from a kit, and I knew he took blows to the head very fast, making the prey fall unconscious very quickly; but this was different. I had only just fallen, how could he have been so fast? I figured it out very quickly. I must of dazed off for a few moments before lifting my head. I managed to find the strength to sit up, but as I was dragging myself up onto my paws I heard a strange noise...

S A V I O R S~C H A P T E R T H R E E~M I D N I G H T ' S P O V Edit

I purred brushing myself up against Twilight, my mother. Twilight gazed down at me happily. "Now, little one, don't go jumping into the lake this time will you now?" I frowned shaking my head. Twilight flicked her tassel with sober amusement. We both halted our footsteps and looked up when we heard yowling. Ear piercing, frightening, yowling. Then we heard silence. I gulped, my pelt bristled under command. And I bravely ruffled my fur around. Twilight, however, processed a loud gulp of terror. I looked at her, puffing my chest out bravely. I obviously had thought this was just a kitten game, and it was my wish to join in the game. "I'll save you mummy!" I pulled at her fur playfully. Twilight hissed at me to stop. We stood in silence for a while, listening. I heard in the distance a hiss. We proceeded our walk, gaining on the horror scene. As soon as we were in earshot, we stopped and listened. "Don't ever come near me or Cloud again!" I gasped, recognizing the voice as Sky. "See here, Sky, I will not be able to come near you and your pitiful sister once I'm done with you. You'll be long gone-" "Don't you even think about threatening me and my sister! You're an ungrateful slimy cat, Ginger" I heard a hiss of discomfort and watched Cloud lying herself down onto the grass through the brambles. I flattened my ears, not hearing the next words. But I knew something dramatic had happened. I closed onto the brambles, trying to catch all the action. This was the worst bloodshed a kitten could see: I saw Ginger swipe his claws at Cloud's face, making her fall still for a while. He immediately closed onto Sky, batting his head down with such a force that it made him fall, hitting his head on a rock. Now that Sky and Cloud were now unconscious, Ginger began to drag Sky along the ground towards the lake and waterfalls. I cried out silently to my mother, "Mummy! What's Ginger doing to Sky? Why doesn't he know that Sky's asleep?" My mother hissed at me to be quiet, as Cloud had now lifted her head, seeming to be awake. We watched Cloud look around in confusion as she pulled herself up from the ground. Twilight hissed in terror, but seemed to get off cut by a cough, making her sound like she was gurgling for air. Cloud seemed to hear this, as she looked towards the shadows of the trees. Cloud had made a very bad mistake, as Ginger managed to throw Sky into the lake, and was now running towards her. I yelped, hiding behind my mother in fear and frustration. Why couldn't Ginger be polite and help her up like Sky? I didn't understand why Ginger was being so mean. Ginger had thrown himself onto Cloud and was now hitting blows at her face, trying to make her unconscious. Cloud used counter-attacks to force him back; she lunged herself at his neck, tearing as much hair and flesh out as possible. Ginger hissed and snarled in his struggles to escape her grip. Cloud tore her claws into his belly, ripping down it in shreds. Ginger had lunged at her tail, attempting to snap it in half. She dodged his attack, rolling away. Sky groaned in the background as the battle continued. I felt Twilight lunge forwards a few meters, wishing she could help Cloud. But she hadn't the need to, as Sky had lifted himself out and was running awkwardly towards them. Ginger leaped to his paws, running away into the shadows of the trees. I watched Ginger, trying to see where he was going, but as he ran out of my vision it became a blur of confusion...

A H E L P F U L H A N D~C H A P T E R F O U R~T W I L I G H T ' S P O V Edit

i yowled, sprinting out of the cover towards Sky and Cloud. "What happened? Why was Ginger attacking you?" Cloud looked at me with astonishment. But Sky hissed at me. "You saw us battling and just sat there watching! Why didn't you come help us? We almost died!" I shrunk back, feeling as though I was unwanted here. "Me-me an-and Midnight wer-were jus-just coming for a-a swi-swim when we sa-saw yo-you battling. We did-didn't wa-want to interfer-interfere." I cried mercilessly. I was obviously offended by Sky's comment of mistrust, but as I spoke these struggled words, he seemed to calm. "It's good to see you Twilight, but me and Cloud are obviously wounded badly. If you could help would be a pleasure, or if you cannot it would be my delight to see you leave to do as you please." Sky meowed seriously, but Twilight just shrunk back next to Midnight more. "I see me and my son are unwanted here, we might as well be off. Gives you less trouble I 'spose, if we're not around I mean." Cloud sighed, watching Midnight. Midnight looked at me in bewilderment. "You mean we're not going to help them? Why not mother?" Cloud smiled looking at me like she was young. She opened her mouth to speak, but saw over wise. I watched her expression drop, as she looked down at herself. "Are you OK Cloud?" Cloud looked at me with bubbly eyes. "Uh-she can't talk to you Twilight" Sky spoke for her, as I glared in anger at him, "She can speak for herself Sky!" Cloud sighed once more, she looked eager to speak, but I didn't know what was wrong at the time. Midnight approached her, his nose outstretched. I hissed pulling him back. "Stop harassing her Midnight!" Cloud looked at me, giving me a cold stare as if saying, 'Leave him be!' I had been taken aback by her mysterious silence and turned on Sky instead. "What's wrong with her? What is it that your not telling me Sky?" He sighed like his sister, speaking in sadness, "Ginger had taken damage to her voice-box. She can no longer pronounce words. Rely on her actions if you wish to understand her." I blinked in astonishment, watching Cloud intensely. I sighed, dropping my head to watch Midnight. "If you do not mind, I shall proceed in finishing my promise for Midnight." I flicked my tail, indicating that Midnight follow. I began to walk off to the waters sandy edge, unaware of the tiny eyes following me. "I do not want to bathe in the delicious waters, Mother," I turned on him. "they will have been polluted. As well, I am quite not as happy to go swimming now