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dustleap's rise

Published: 8/9/17

Summary: Taking place about 70 moons before present day RiverClan. Dustleap, a warrior of this noble Clan must, uncover the hidden dangers that surround before it is too late. Will Dustleap rise to the challenge and save his Clan, or will RiverClan be swept away by the harsh currents of this hidden evil?


Chapter 1:

Dustleap looked around the moonlit clearing of the RiverClan camp, confused. It was clearly late at night, so why was everyone out of their dens? He swept his gaze over each of the cats surrounding him. Robinpaw, the small tortoiseshell she-cat was sharing a mouse with Mistpaw. Nightfur's black pelt was nearly invisible at the edge of the clearing, while Snowyfeaher's white fur stood out against the shadows. Herontail was sorting through the herb stores of the medicine den, his dark pelt gleaming in the moonlight. Shatteredstar was resting on top of the high rock. His Clanmates were going about their normal daytime activities at this time of night! Suddenly, the light of the moon dimmed so that only the stars were preventing complete darkness. Dustleap saw that the shadows began to swirl, engulfing his Clanmates one by one. He saw Rainpaw disappear, and Bluegaze followed. Even the kits, queens, and elders were soon devoured by the shadows. He was all alone when the shadows swept over him as well.


Dustleap's eyes snapped open. He was in his nest; calm morning light was peeking through the gaps in the brambles of the warriors' den. It was just a bad dream.

With a sigh of relief, Dustleap got to his paws and padded slowly out of the den. He barely had time to stretch and yawn before a familiar annoying voice rung through the air: "Ah, Dustleap, finally decided to drag yourself out of your nest and join us, have you?"

The voice belonged to Adderstripe, the Clan deputy. Dustleap and Adderstripe had never gotten along, even as kits. It certainly didn't help that Adderstripe had been made a warrior before him. Adderstripe was a dark brown tabby tom who was the son of Shatteredstar and the previous deputy, Sparrowtail. Though Adderstripe had only been deputy for a quarter-moon, he had already become more unbearably arrogant and proud than he ever had been.

As the tabby tom padded toward him, he bit back a sharp retort. "Morning, Adderstripe," he replied bitterly.

"Cut the bitterness out of your voice before I have you doing apprentice duties," Adderstripe hissed at him. "I need you to join Troutnose's hunting patrol. They've been waiting for you all morning. You'd better catch something good or there might just be a punishment. And if you oversleep again I'll definitely punish you in the most severe manner I am allowed. Now hurry up! RiverClan needs strong warriors to keep us fed, not lazy mouse-brains like you!"

"What we need even less is a deputy who only got his rank because his mother is Clan leader," he hissed under his breath as he padded away to join Troutnose's patrol. His pelt was bristling with anger.

He met the patrol at the camp entrance. In addition to he and Troutnose, Rainpaw and Cedarface made up the hunting patrol. Troutnose was one of the largest cats in the Clan. He had long, dark gray fur and towered above many other cats. Troutnose was also the most senior warrior; he had been serving the Clan since before Dustleap was born! Rainpaw was Troutnose's apprentice and son. He, like his father, was large and had a dark gray pelt. Cedarface, the brown and gray tom, had been Dustleap's best friend since they were apprentices.

"Adderstripe give you a hard time?" Cedarface inquired. When he nodded, his friend meowed, "Yeah, me too. Don't let him get to you."

"Okay, everyone here?" Troutnose asked, looking from cat to cat. "Alright, let's head on out there!"

The dark gray tom padded quickly out of camp and into the pine forest, Rainpaw at his heels. Cedarface followed after them, breaking into a run. Dustleap brought up the rear trying to drive Adderstripe and his nightmare out of his head so he could enjoy the hunt.

Chapter 2:

When the patrol padded back into camp, Dustleap was carrying two large fish between his jaws. Going to hunt near the river had proven to be a wise move. Cedarface had caught two water voles and a minnow. Troutnose had caught tree mice, and Rainpaw managed to catch two minnows.

As the patrol deposited their preyin a neat pile, a white and blue-gray tom yowled out, "Hi Dustleap! Can we do some battle training today?"

"Of course we can, Periwinklepaw", Dustleap meowed.

"Not so fast you two."

Adderstripe was walking towards them. "Frogfoot, and Mossleaf have some ticks that need sorting out, and I suggest that Periwinklepaw does that."

"Are you telling me how to train my apprentice?" Dustleap meowed angrily.

"Are you defying a direct order from your deputy?" Adderstripe walked away.

"I'm sorry, Periwinklepaw, we'll go train later," he meowed and Periwinklepaw padded to the elder's den with his tail drooping.

Dustleap padded to the shaded areas of the camp. Mallowfrost, Fallenmist, and Mistpaw were returning from a border patrol. Otterflame was lying on her side in the nursery while Icepelt's kits climbed all over her. As Adderstripe visited his mate in the nursery, he shoed Larkkit, Hailkit, and Frostkit away with a hiss. Dustleap fixed his gaze elsewhere. He saw Robinpaw talking with Rainpaw and Mistpaw. The young tortioushell she-cat was Adderstripe's apprentice but she had many different personality traits than her mentor. Cloudedpaw was sniffing her way around camp. The blind white she-cat was Herontail's apprentice. She had been blinded in the same accident that Sparrowtail was killed in, and was still adjusting to not being able to see. Though she was quickly learning how to use her other senses, Dustleap could not help but feel bad for her. As sunhigh approached, one by one the cats around him began to take pieces of prey.

Shatteredstar beckoned him with her tail. Snowyfeather and Cedarface were with her.

As he joined them Shatteredstar meowed, "Have some of this fish, Dustleap, there is plenty for four cats."

He sat down and began to eat some of the fish.

"So, Dustleap, how do you think prey is running?' Shatteredstar asked him.

"Well, I think we were lucky this close to leaf-bare."

Snowyfeather meowed, "I think that's a good sign."

"Prey always runs short around leaf-bare; I hope that it doesn't, but it always does," said Cedarface

"You shouldn't think like that Cedarface," Shatteredstar meowed.

"We should all hope that prey stays like this through leaf-bare," Dustleap meowed.

"Quite right, Dustleap," Shatteredstar replied.

Chapter 3:

It was a hard leaf-bare, Dustleap thought as he ran through the forest towards the usual training spot. Prey had, after all, run short. A bought of greencough had swept through the RiverClan camp. Frogfoot had died when there wasn't enough prey to help him fight the sickness, and Shatteredstar had lost one of her lives. The Clan was troubled by the fact that she had announced that she was now on her ninth and final life. What was even more troubling was the fact that Adderstripe would soon be the next leader of RiverClan. The dark brown tabby tom knew this and he walked with even more certainty and pride. It was as if he didn't even care that his mother and Clan leader was on her last life!

The apprentices and their mentors trotted behind him. Periwinklepaw bounded excitedly at Dustleap's heels. Adderstripe took the lead, from him and he let out a hiss of annoyance. Mistpaw, Rainpaw, and Robinpaw followed the group; their tails twitching with excitement. Troutnose and Fallenmist brought up the rear.

"Okay apprentices, gather around," Troutnose ordered. "Today you will be having a little sparring contest."

"I should have been the one to announce that," Adderstripe sneered.

"Not the point," Fallenmist meowed. "Mistpaw and Rainpaw are one team. Periwinklepaw and Robinpaw, you are another."

Mistpaw leapt at her brother, Periwinklepaw, knocking him over and batted him with her paws. He kicked her off as Robinpaw sidestepped Rainpaw. Rainpaw smacked Periwinklepaw over the head and Periwinklepaw returned the favor by battering his with sharp blows from the forepaws. Robinpaw was knocked off balance by Mistpaw. Robinpaw got to her paws, sidestepped and sent her into the dirt. Soon Periwinklepaw was standing tall over his littermates alongside Robinpaw.


When the group padded back into camp, Dustleap grabbed a couple water voles and padded to the nursery. He gave one to Otterflame and one to his sister, Icepelt.

"Uncle Dustleap!" Icepelt's kits squeaked.

"Thanks Dustleap. Can you play with them while I eat this?" Icepelt meowed.

"Sure," he meowed while grabbing a moss ball and tossing it to the three kits who mewed with delight.

Hailkit tumbled over Larkkit, but Frostkit got the moss ball and tossed it back to Dustleap to continue the game. Dustleap tossed it back to the kits again. He watched them wrestle and tumble over each other to get to the moss ball.

Chapter 4:

"I'm glad that leaf-bare is finally over!" meowed Snowyfeather as the hunting patrol left camp.

"Prey should be running smoothly now that the weather has gotten warmer," replied Cedarface.

"Yeah, I hope we can find enough prey to feed all those hungry bellies," Robinpaw meowed excitedly.

Dustleap was happy that leaf-bare was over. The Clan had barely had enough prey to keep them fed, even with Icepelt returning to warrior duties. Larkpaw had been given Cedarface as a mentor, Hailpaw had been given Mallowfrost, and Frostpaw was given Snowyfeather. Otterflame's kits were due any day now. Cloudedgaze had been given her full medicine cat name a half-moon ago, and old Herontail retired the day after.

Dustleap lifted his head, smelling the fresh newleaf air. Catching the scent of a mouse, he dropped into a crouch. He followed the scent trail until he saw the small brown creature. Springing, he landed just over the mouse and swiftly bit into it's neck. He buried his catch and moved on to the next scent. As he approached another mouse, an earsplitting shriek rung through the air. The mouse scurried away. Dustleap bounded in the direction of the disturbance; his friends behind him.

He stopped in his tracks as he saw a limp dark gray figure on the bank of the river. The body had deep wounds on it's neck and flanks, and it was drenched in water. As they patrol got closer, he heard Robinpaw let out a gasp of horror. The body belonged to Rainpaw.

Chapter 5:

The patrol had carried Rainpaw's body back to camp. Mistpaw, Periwinklepaw, and Troutnose let out yowls of agony as they recognize the drenched shape. The Clan sat a vigil for Rainpaw and he was buried in the morning. Rumors swirled around the camp as to who would do this, but any scent was washed off by the water.


"So, how was your border patrol?" Snowyfeather asked Dustleap as he, Periwinklepaw, and Nighfur padded back into camp one a quarter moon later.

"Nothing out of the ordinary," he meowed to her.

"That's good", she meowed.

"So no sign of any foxes or badgers or anything?", Cedarface inquired.

"You know Rainpaw's wounds looked like they came from a cat", Dustleap said.

Cedarface replied, "Well I've found a couple cats who can help us figure out who did it."


He followed Cedarface to the edge of their territory. They crossed the river into Thunderclan territory. Soon the two cats came across a low dip with tall, flat strands of wood extending around a large arrow of twoleg nests. Three cats sat waiting for them. As soon as he saw them, one cat, a dark gray tom, lept over the top of the wood and disappeared over the other side. The other two cats sat in place; they weren't spooked at all. The larger of the two was a crimson colored tom. The other was a yellow tabby she-cat.

"Ah, Cedarface, here for our information?", the red tom inquired. He then turned to Dustleap, "I am Red, the yellow she-cat is Beetle."

"So you know who killed Rainpaw?", Dustleap asked.

"A speculation, but it might be of some help", Beetle answered.

"Okay, so what can you tell us?", asked Cedarface.

"Right to the point then," meowed Red. "About a quarter-moon ago, we saw a band of rogues come through this area. They were looking around Thunderclan's old camp. The lead rogue announced that they had a special ally. Then he walked in. He apologized for being late. He said that he needed to take care of a loose end."

"Who did?", Dustleap inquired.

"A dark brown tabby tom", Beetle answered. "He then said that they were almost ready to spring some trap."

With a jolt of realization, Dustleap sped off in the direction of camp. This was what his dream meant all those moons ago. He had to get there before Adderstripe completed his plan.

Chapter 6:

Dustleap bolted into camp; Cedarface was just a few mouse lengths behind him.

"Ah, decided to join us, did you?", Adderstripe sneered, standing on the high rock next to Shatteredstar.

"You killed Rainpaw!", Dustleap yowled.

The clan stared at Dustleap, Cedarface, and Adderstripe. "Is it true?" "What's Dustleap talking about?" "Did Adderstripe really do it?"

"It can't be true" Shatteredstar mewed in disbelief.

Bristling with anger, Adderstripe yowled, "Of course It's true!"

A ripple of shock was sent throughout the clan

"He was too observant. He followed me one day; I couldn't let him figure out my plan. Not yet. So I killed Rainpaw and threw his body in the river.

"And what was your plan?", Cedarface asked angrily.

"To take control!" Adderstripe leapt at Shatteredstar. They dark brown tabby tom sunk his fangs into Shatteredstar's throat. Dustleap and Cedarface bounded toward the high rock, but it was too late. Shatterstar slumped to the ground. They light faded from her eyes and she whispered, "Why...... Adderstripe?" She was then still. The clan gasped in collective horror.

Dustleap and Cedarface scrambled onto the high rock. Adderstripe swept at his muzzle, drawing blood. The traitor then bit into Cedarface's ear, causing the top half to be torn off. Dustleap sliced his claws across Adderstripe's left flank while Cedarface ducked a blow and raked the dark brown tabby tom's underbelly. Cedarface then sunk his claws into Adderstripe's right flank. Dustleap rammed his forepaws into Adderstripe. The traitorous deputy stumbled backwards, clearly dazed, and fell right off the edge of the high rock. Dustleap looked down at the dark brown mass below him. The traitor's neck was bent at an unnatural angle. Adderstripe had broken his neck; he was dead.

Then a voice rung out over the silence. "I am Twisted, the leader of this group of rogues; your territory is ours. Rogues attack!"

Chapter 7:

Nine rogues poured down into the camp. A gray and white tom was in the lead, flanked by two massive silver tabby toms. The cats of Riverclan, still in shock from loosing their leader and traitorous deputy in the course of the past few minutes, reacted slowly. As it finally registered that they were being attacked, the rogues were already upon them.

"Snap out of it! Fight back!", Dustleap yowled as he plunged into the sea of claws and teeth below.

He sunk his claws into a small pale ginger tom. The rogue spun around, with a shriek of surprise, and slashed his claws across Dustleap's muzzle. With a growl of pain, Dustleap rammed his forepaws into his opponent's chest. The rogue staggered back, obviously winded. Taking the upper hand, Dustleap delivered quick strikes with tooth and claw to the tom's flanks and forelegs. As the rogue reared up on his hind legs, attempting to block his strikes, he quickly raked his claws along the rogues exposed belly. The rogue fell backwards with a yelp, got to his paws, and dashed swiftly out of camp.

He didn't have long to celebrate his triumph. All around him, the Riverclan cats were being brutally assaulted by the eight remaining rogues. The elder, Mossleaf, leapt to defend the nursery from one of the silver tabby toms, but was intercepted by a tortioushell she-cat. The she-cat tore into Mossleaf's throat. With an earsplitting yowl, Periwinklepaw, Robinpaw, and Mistpaw leapt onto the silver tabby tom's back, quickly clawing and biting. Robinpaw bit into the rogue's leg, while Mistpaw slashed his flanks, and Periwinklepaw bit into the back of his neck. The large rogue collapsed in a heap. As the apprentices rounded on the tortioushell she-cat, she spun around and bounded out of camp.

Cedarface was battling a golden-brown tom. The rogue tom looked battered and gave in to his wounds as Cedarface landed a catastrophic front paw blow to the side of his head. Meanwhile a black she-cat was overpowering Mallowfrost, and a black and white tom kicked Bluegaze into Nightfur. The rogues, however, were almost hopelessly outnumbered now. Nightfur and Bluegaze soon got the upper hand on the black and white rogue. He paused as Troutnose and Twisted were locked in brutal combat. Troutnose slashed his claws across the gray and white tom's nose, and Twisted retaliated by raking his claws across Troutnose's throat. Troutnose sunk his teeth into the back of Twisted's neck and both cats fell to the ground.

Everyone stopped fighting. The Riverclan cats encircled the four remaining rogues. A pale brown she-cat meowed to the other silver tom, who had a long gash on his shoulder, "What do we do Kronos?"

"Rogues retreat!," Kronos snarled, and the rogues bounded out of the camp.

The Riverclan cats yowled in triumph. They soon realized that they did not have a leader, nor a deputy to take over. Suddenly a leaf covered in dirt fell at Dustleap's paws. He stared at the leaf in confusion.

"It's covered in dust." Snowyfeather meowed.

"It is a sign from Starclan; Dustleap will be our new leader." Cloudedgaze meowed.

Chapter 8:

The clan had sat vigil for Shatteredstar, Mossleaf, and Troutnose. The following evening Dustleap and Cloudedgaze set off for the Moonstone.

Dustleap's paw pads were sore as he reached the cave. The two cats plunged into the darkness of the cave, Dustleap struggled with having to use his other senses to navigate, but Cloudedgaze, being blind, moved with ease. At last they reached the Moonstone. The massive white boulder lay in the center of the small cavern. A hole in the cavern's roof made it glow with an earie, yet beautiful light. He touched his nose to the stone, as Cloudedgaze had instructed, and drifted into sleep. When he woke, it was in moon lit glade of perfectly green grass. Starclan cats surrounded him on all sides. One stepped forward. He recognized her as Shatteredstar.

"Dustleap, you saved the clan from certain doom, and for that I cannot thank you enough," She meowed. "I give you a life for good judgement. Do not make the mistakes that I did." A jolt went through his body as the former leader touhed his nose.

Another cat took her place. It was a ginger tom. "I give you a life for strength. Use it well to defend Riverclan." Another jolt shook Dustleap, this one weaker.

As he stepped back Mossleaf stepped forward. "I give you a life for courage. Never be afraid to do what is right. Not that you ever were." Dustleap received the life and felt yet another jolt. This time Dustleap was expecting it.

A dark brown tabby she-cat padded forward. His heart leapt as he recognized his mother, Stripedpelt. "You have done well, my son. I give you this life for love. Use it to treat your clan as if they are all your kin." This jolt hurt the worst yet.

Frogfoot padded forward. "I give you this life for respect"

A large pale tabby she-cat padded forward. "I give you this life for faith in Starclan"

A tom who was identical to his sister, Icepelt padded forward. It was Whiteflame, his father. "I give you this life for nobility."

Rainpaw bounded toward him. The energetic apprentice meowed loudly, "Hi Dustleap! I give you this life for tireless energy!"

Finally, Troutnose padded forward, chuckling as his son ran back. Dustleap looked up at his former mentor. "I give you this life for wisdom." Dustleap received his ninth and final life with one last jolt. Troutnose padded back to join the ranks of Starclan.

Shatteredstar's voice rang out across the clearing. "Rise now, Duststar, leader of Riverclan! Awaken and serve your clan well!"

Chapter 9:

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the high rock!", Duststar yowled.

One by one, his clanmates padded out of their dens and took their seats in the clearing to hear his words. Duststar nervously glanced from cat to cat. This was his first clan meeting as leader. He had just returned from receiving his nine lives at the moonstone.

Taking a shaky breath, he began, "I- I have gathered you all here today because I have three announcements to make. First of all, I do not want any of Otterflame's unborn kits to be judged because of who their father was. They will never have to pay for Adderstripe's mistakes. They will never know why he was or what he did."

The cats of Riverclan exchanged murmurs of approval.

"Next, after careful consideration, I would like to announce the my deputy. I say these words before Starclan, so that the spirits of our warrior ancestors may hear and approve of my choice. Cedarface will be the deputy of Riverclan."

He saw Cedarface's eyes light up with surprise and the brown and gray tom meowed, "Thank you Duststar, I am honored, and I will do my best."

"I know you will, Cedarface." Duststar replied. "And finally, all of us fought bravely in the battle, however three young cats stood out. Robinpaw, Periwinklepaw, Mistpaw, please step forward."

The three apprentices bristled with excitement. They nervously stepped toward the high rock; their clanmates separated to allow them to pass through.

Duststar began, "I, Duststar, leader of Riverclan, call upon Starclan, the spirits of our warrior ancestors, to look down upon these three apprentices. They have trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code and I commend them as warriors, in turn. Robinpaw, Periwinklepaw, Mistpaw, do you promise to defend your clan and uphold the Warrior Code, even at the cost of your life?

"I do!" They said in unison.

"Then, by the power of Starclan, I give you your warrior names. Robinpaw, from this moment forward, you will be known as Robinblaze. Starclan honors your bravery and intelligence. Periwinklepaw, from this moment forward, you will be known as Periwinklepool. Starclan honors your bravery and determination. Mistpaw, from this moment forward, you will be known as Mistheart. Starclan honors your courage and strong will. We welcome you all as full warriors of Riverclan.

"Robinblaze, Periwinklepool, Mistheart. Robinblaze, Periwinklepool, Mistheart." The clan chanted.

Duststar looked around at his clan. They were chanting the names of Robinblaze, Periwinklepool, and Mistheart. As he glanced from cat to cat, he realized something. Peace had finally come to Riverclan.

Chapter 10:

Duststar yawned, as he woke; light was seeping into his den. He stretched his legs and got up gingerly from his nest. Padding out of the leader's den, he climbed up onto the high rock. He felt a familiar stiffness in his joints

It had been many moons since Duststar had been made leader. There had been no signs of rogues over the entire course of his leaderships. This, however, did not mean that there it was completely peaceful in Riverclan. Many harsh leaf-bares had claimed the lives of Herontail and Otterflame. Fallenmist was killed by greencough. Finally, Mistheart had been killed by a fox, just a half moon ago. Seven of Duststar's lives had been spent. Three were lost to sickness, and the other four defending his clan.

Many new kits had been born and many new warriors and apprentices made. His nieces and nephews, Larksplash, Hailstorm, and Frostfire had proven to be great warriors. Cloudedgaze, growing old, appointed Hazelpaw as her apprentice. Cedarface, who was organizing patrols at the foot of the high rock, was a great choice of deputy, but his friend was also getting old. As hard as it would be to replace Cedarface, it was only a matter of time before Duststar would need to pick a new deputy.

He watched from the high rock, as Furzebreeze led Robinblaze, and Cottonpaw out of camp on a hunting patrol. Ravenpaw, Pitchpaw, and Stormpaw were relaxing in the shade in front of the apprentice's den. Reedfoot was padding out of the warrior's den. The dark brown tabby tom shared his father's look, but not his personality. Otterflame and Adderstripe's son has never known anything about his father. Duststar, himself, had mentor Reedfoot, and he had grown to be one of the clan's best warriors. He looked on as Maplekit and Sweetkit rolled around in mock combat. The two energetic kits would make great warriors in the future.

As he looked over his clan, he felt a sense of pride. Riverclan had recovered well and grown into the great clan that it is. Duststar slowly climbed down from the high rock to join his clanmates.

The End



Chapter 1

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