Welcome to the first Story Writing Contest! I want you to write a story that is so astonishing that I would read it a lot of times!

In this contest, I want you to write:

A fictional story with a concept created by your own mind that does not mock the concept of already existing books or fanfictions.


  • You may not write a fanfiction in this prompt I give you.
  • Use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • You cannot write a story that has a concept a pre-existing story has (the exception is that you have never heard of or read)
  • You can use anthropomorphic animals, or animals themselves (Humans count as animals).
  • You may not use curses never allowed by this wiki. You can only use damn, crap, hell, and piss in your story. You can use gay, as long as it is not used as an insult.
  • Do not create stories as a joke. Once we take it, it's taken, unless they do not meet the requirements

Stories EnteredEdit

We will have a vote on which story should win when entering requests are closed.

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