Friend, Please


Written While Listening to Friend Please

I laid down last night

Hoping with my whole heart

That you'd still be here beside me.

I'll lay down again tonight,

Take a deep breath and think.

What would've happened without you.

We were once in a peace,

Swaying in Tranquility.

And a family was born,

And a chat made us laugh, and cry.

Now we sit, thinking we all should die.


I'll lay down again tonight.

Trip and fall, fall and fall.

And tonight, I'll listen to the whispers.

And hope they say

Friend, please remove your hands from over your eyes for me,

I know you want to leave but,


Please don't take your life away from me




Written While Looking At Surprise Landing By The-Hare 

the meadow is for sure their favorite place to hang out in. bunnies could hop around freely without fear of being caught by anything. for some reason, no predators came to that meadow. they didn't question it though. the grass was so sweet and good on the little hare's tongue. his cocoa brown fur stuck out a bit against the thick tall green grasses.

how good it was to eat the dandelions in the shorter grasses, sweet and relaxing. bees buzzed around his head, as he smiled lopsidedly at the clear blue sky. his chocolate brown eyes with a deep black pupil of a setting stone of his relaxed little face.

All around, blue, purple, yellow, green, a rainbow of butterflies were pollenating the rainbow of flowers in the sacred meadow. Bees buzzed between young trees, dancing along their fresh blossoms.

He smiled sweetly, as though wishing to fall into a little nap. As soon as he closed his eyes, he turned into a little cocoa pod, and a blue butterfly flew over, and landed right ontop of his deep black nose. Startled a bit, he slowly rose back onto his hind legs, fore legs weak at his sides.

He looked at the butterfly and it looked back at him. His mouth dropped open a bit, as he looked at the little creature on his nose. The butterfly of a pure blue flapped it's little wings, and brushed it's legs on his nose. They were fully clotted with pollen, and when the butterfly flew away, a little resedue was left.

He looked in the direction of the butterfly and smiled, goofily. Then, he saw it turn to look at him, and flap it's smooth, blue-feathered wings. Then, he smiled.

And sneezed, the pollen flying off of his nose. And he thought he heard a little jingle of laugher, whisper next to his chocolate brown and tipped black ears, "Bless you, friend."




Written While Looking At Touch, I Remember Touch By The-Hare and Listening to Move Your Body By Sia



Half-Brain Dead.

But, still going.

Clunking pieces of metal,

Make up who I am.

Software and hard machienery,

Coding and motherboards of data

Make up my mind.

And though heavily washed,

Eroded of memory,

This little flower

of Blue glitchy code,

Still, and never has failed

to remind me,

of What it feels like...

to touch.




Written While Listening to To Be Human

"I mean, c'mon, you have to admit that it's a little weird that she's lived so long." he said rolling around the stone between his forepaws.

"I know that it's strange. Doesn't mean she's not nice." the other sighed, casting a glance over Buddy's shoulder to catch a glance of her passing by.

"Give it a rest, she couldn't even hear it if you confessed love." Buddy growled, "It's pointless, Jax."

"When will you learn I can't 'just drop' anything?" Jax said, but in his heart, he knew Buddy was right. Choosing to push it away, he snatched the rock from inbetween his paws, and chased after where he had knocked it, Buddy right on his tail. It was stopped by a brown paw.

Jax looked up into the face of Music, her purple eyes glinting. She lifted her tail and waved a hello. Jax smiled, and greeted her back with the wave of a tail. Her ears flicked radpidly, Can I play too? He smiled, and caught the stone our from underneath her, and cashed it away from the two.

Music gave her light-hearted face of laughing, though no sound came out, and followed. Buddy came reluctualntly, but sighed. When would he ever learn?


"JAX!" he heard a roar from behind and drew up short. Music quickly caught the rock , and disappeared from sight. Buddy skidded to a stop beside him.

"Jax, I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times. You don't play with deaf wolves. They're stupid, useless, and can't do a damn thing in their whole life. Stop wasting your time with a fool like her." Jax felt his face flame, and he knew Buddy was ashamed.

But it wasn't like either of them could do anything. He bowed his head sorrowfully, and followed his father back to the den. He stole a last glance at her, and he saw that tears shone in her eyes, but she smiled kindly at him, and followed the rock back to her own home.

Rustle. Tap. Twitch. Scratch. Thump. Mother, I'm home! Her mother quickly waved a hello, but was bustling out of the den to get working. Music entered to find Song and Coal talking lowly. She sat down beside them. Rustle, twictch, twitch. What's going on? 

"Music, Coal wants you to meet someone." Song explained, standing aside to reveal a young she-wolf with dusty brown fur. She smiled kindly at Music.

Oh. her eyes were dull, and saddened. Coal was leaving. She was the middle child. She could leave now too. But... who would she leave with? She couldn't leave with Jax. She couldn't go with Song. Music excused herself to get some fresh air, and ran into Jax.

Oh Jax, what do I do? They're all leaving? "Come with me?" he said kindly. Why? Your father hates me! "I know. But what's so wrong with love?"




Written While Listening to Move Your Body


Sailing so kindly,

on Clouds of imagination,

and Dancing to the beat of your heart.

Out on the golden sail of heaven,

and the rhythmous jewls of dance,

Take my hand,

and dance around with me,

with me, with me.

Though young and talented we are,

It'll never stop me from dancing,

Dancing to the rhythm,

so, Move your Body,

Move your Body,

Move to dance with me,

on Clouds of imagination,

and Youthful talented energy.


Spread My Wings


Written While Listening to Bird Set Free 

Birds were chirping to the dawn of another day. Clouds blew away with the gentle hushing of the wings. Grass danced in the rollicking winds, rolling over the green, green hills. Dew scattered the earth, covering the dasies and poppies with a fresh morning kiss. I liked to watch the birds hop from tree to tree, in search of food. Squirrels ran about, stuffing their faces with the fresh pine nuts.

Oh, how I sometimes wish I could go back to that life. But of course, there was other plans for that. I really didn't want to die, loose that life. But I had always thought, wouldn't I come back as one of them? Not the thing that killed me? It was hard being a human. Eating and sitting properly, speaking easily, and school? What's the point of it?

sighed, and kicked a small pebble across the grass. It got coated with the dew, as I looked up to see a bird chirping to me. I smiled, and held my hand out for it. It smiled back at me, and hopped down, tweeting the whole time. When I turned around to see what was behind me that she was chirping at, I felt something run right through my back. Fell to the ground, and I think I died.

But when I opened my eyes, I was fluffy, and itching to search for winter food. I liked this life better. Thanks world. Thanks universe. It means alot to me. Alot to me.


What Use Is A Man


Written While Listening to Sucker for Pain 

We all were tortured down here. Living but half dead at some times it felt. Our families know we're here. But they're not family to us. We're family to each other. The outside world couldn't accept us. So we went down. And there are more coming.

What use is the man down here, sitting in a ditch, shoveling away? Why are we here, slaves to the ones above? The heathens of hell we are down here, so tell me, tell me sir, who are you? What you stand for? What you want to do? We are not all the same, but we are all human. Our minds not be alike, but for that we shall not be scum, "good" sir. For that, one day, we will dominate, and you will be broken, broken down.

So chain me up by the neck, light a flame on the gasoline beneath my torn feet, and burn me sir. But tell me sir, what use is a man, if he is slowly killing the men around him. What use is a man, that has no gut to stand up, and walk away. Leave me chained here, to waste away, or use what you have, and free the chains around, around me.


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Written While Listening to Just One Yesterday

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