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Welcome to the new fan-fiction, Silent Forest.

What is it about?

It's basically a recreation of a certain war that happened a while ago on AJ. AKA, Falcon against ThunderClan. But now it's over (well it's been over for a while). And I kinda wanted to bring it back but a little more detailed. More story into it, some drama and stuff. And yes, it is not meant to offend anyone. Well, I hope it won't offend anyone. BTW, The Wolfstar and Ashstar incident won't be mentioned in this since I called off the moves on them.

Comment below if you wanna be in the Fan-fic ouo There are two sides you can pick. Outsider (Rogue) or ThunderClanner. Make sure it's even x3. Oh and if you're character is like Warrior age or something then he/she might be a little younger due to the stuff happening a while ago ouo.

Outsiders Edit

Falcon - Dark red and coal black colored tom mixed with Somali and Mainecoon. Basically the head of the pack thing and plans. Age - 17 Moons.

-Waiting for more people o3o-

ThunderClanners (or Allies with ThunderClan) Edit

-Waiting for more people ouo-

-Friendly Neighborhood Falcon