This Story is in the Series Return of The Clans. Each book had about 18-20 chapters.

First: The Journey to the Valley

Second: Fire Growing

Third: River Flows

Forth: Snowy Paths

Fifth: Wind Sky

Sixth: Thunder Clouds

Willowtail of ThunderClan, Moonclaw of ShadowClan, Creekwater of RiverClan, and Breezewhisker of WindClan may be from differnet Clans but they have somthing in common, they all want to see whats beyond the Lake! This is the story of their Journey to make their own Clans. This series has Canon and Non-Canon to it meaning it has some cats from the series and some made up cats. The cats you regonized belong to the group Erin Hunter.


Leader:Squirrelstar- Ginger she-cat with one white paw and green eyes

Deputy: Lionblaze: Golden tom amber eyes

Medicine cat: Jayfeather- Gray tabby tom with blind blue eyes

Alderbranch-Ginger tabby tom amber eyes Apprentice: Hazelpaw


Whitewing- White she-cat green eyes

Birchfall- Light brown tabby tom

Berrynose- Cream tom with a stump of a tail

Mousewhisker- Gray and white tom

Poppyfrost- Pale tortie and white she-cat

Cinderheart- Gray tabby she-cat

Briarlight- Brown she-cat, paralyzed in her hind legs

Bumblestripe- very pale gray tom with black stripes

Dovewing-Pale gray she-cat

Molewhisker- Cream and brown tom

Lillyheart- small, dark tabby she-cat with white patches and blue eyes

Snowbush- White, fluffy tom

Ambermoon- pale ginger she-cat

Dewnose- gray and white tom

Stormcloud- gray tabby tom

Hollytuft- Black she-cat

Fernsong- Yellow tabby tom Apprentice: Sagepaw

Sparkfur-orange tabby she-cat

Larkwing- Black tom

Honeywhisker- white she-cat with yellow splotches

Leafshade- Tortishell she-cat

Weedwhisker- ginger tabby tom green eyes

Willowtail- Gray tabby she-cat blue eyes Apprentice: Stempaw

Raveneye-Black tom Apprentice:Ivypaw


Hazelpaw-Yellow tabby she-cat

Sagepaw- Silver tom

Stempaw- Gray and Silver patchy she-cat

Ivypaw-Light gray she-cat


Ivypool- siver and white tabby she-cat mother to Fernsong's kits Applekit- Yellow tabby she-kit(In honor of Applefur, a Dark Forest Trainee who died in the Great Battle), Stormkit-Ginger and gray tom-kit and Adderkit-Red-brown tom-kit

Rosepetal-Dark cream she-cat mother to Bumblestripe's kits Petalkit-Small dark cream she-kit and Toadkit-Black and white patchy tom(In honor of Toadstep, Rosepetal's dead brother).

Daisy-Cream-furred she-cat


Brackenfur-Golden-brown tom

Thornclaw-Golden-brown tabby tom

Brightheart-White she-cat with ginger patches and one-eye

Cloudtail-Fluffy white tom


Leader: Rowanstar

Deputy: Crowfrost-Black and white tom

Medicine-cat-Puddlefur-Brown tom with white splotches Apprentice: Waterpaw


Tigerheart-Dark brown tabby tom

Dawnpelt-Crema-furred she-cat

Stonetooth-White tom

Spikefur-Dark brown tom

Wasptail-Yellow tabby she-cat

Snowbird-White she-cat

Scorchfur-Dark gray tom

Berryheart-Black and white she-cat

Cloverfoot-Gray tabby she-cat

Rippletail-White tom

Sparrowtail-large tabby tom Apprentice: Blizzardpaw

Mistcloud-Pale gray she-cat Apprentice:Stormpaw

Grassheart-pale brown tabby she-cat

Pinenose-Black she-cat

Needlefur-silver she-cat

Sleekpelt-yellow she-cat Apprentice:Frogpaw

Junipertail-black tom

Yarrowbush-ginger tom

Beewhisker-Silver she-cat

Birchheart-Beige tom

Lionfur-yellow she-cat amber eyes

Slateshade-gray tom

Moonclaw-Silver and gray patchy tom blue eyes

Stonewing-Pale gray tom

Oaktail-Brown tom

Larkwhisper-Blue-gray she-cat


Waterpaw-Small Misty gray she-cat

Stormpaw-Gray tom

Frogpaw-Brown tom

Blizzardpaw-White she-cat icy blue eyes


Rainwhisker-Pale gray she-cat with blue eyes (Mother to Moonclaw's kits: Cloverkit-Misty-gray and black patchy she-kit, Beekit-Black tabby she-cat, and Frostkit-Gray and white she-cat


Tawnypelt-Tortishell she-cat

Kinkfur-Tabby she-cat


Leader:Harestar-Brown and white tom

Deputy:Crowfeather-Dark gray tom

Medicine cat: Kestrelflight-mottled gray tom with white splotches Apprentice: Lillypaw/flower


Breezepelt-Blaack tom with amber eyes

Heathertail-Light brown tabby she-cat

Furzepelt-Gray and white she-cat

Leaftail-Dark tabby tom

Sedgewhisker-light brown tabby she-cat

Emberfoot-gray tom with two dark paws

Slightfoot- Black tom with white on his chest

Oatclaw-Pale brown tabby tom

Featherpelt-gray tabby she-cat

Hootwhisker-Dark gray tom

Ferntail-Gray tabby she-cat

Larkwing-pale brown tabby she-cat

Brindlefur-Mottled brown she-cat Apprentice:Bluepaw

Smokewhisker-Gray she-cat

Frostpetal-Old pale gray she-cat

Breezewhisker-Small black and white tom with green eyes Apprentice:Thymepaw

Thistleweed-Black and gray tom blue eyes


Bluepaw-Brown she-cat with black splotches and blue eyes

Thymepaw-Gray tom with white splotches and amber eyes


Hawkflight-Small brown she-cat amber eyes mother to Thistleweed's kits; Darkkit-Black tom-kit blue eyes, Heatherkit-Ginger she-kit amber eyes, and Sagekit-White she-kit green-blue eyes


Whitetail-White she-cat

Nightcloud-Black she-cat


Leader:Reedstar-Black tom

Deputy:Petalfur-Gray and white she-cat

Medicine cat:Willowshine-Gray tabby she-cat Apprentice:Wavepaw/flower


Mintfur-light gray tabby tom

Duskfur-brown tabby she-cat

Mallownose-light brown tabby tom

Curlfeather-Pale brown she-cat

Podlight-Gray and white tom

Heronwing-Dark gray and white tom

Shimmerpelt-Silver she-car

Lizardtail-Light brown tom Apprentice: Duskpaw

Havenpelt-Black and white she-cat

Perchwing-Gray and white she-cat

Sneezecloud-Gray and white tom Apprentice:Robinpawkit

Brackenpelt-Tortieshell she-cat Apprentice:Dawnpawkit

Jaywing-Gray tom Apprentice:Owlpawkit

Owlnose-Brown tabby tom

Foxfur-Russet tabby tom

Shadelight-Dark brown she-cat

Breezefeather-Gray she-cat

Creekwater-Brown tabby she-cat with a patch of silver-dark gray on her side blue eyes Apprentice: Poppypaw

Icewing-White and pale gray she-cat

Spottedshine-Tortie and white she-cat

Rippleheart-Dark gray tom


Duskpaw-Black, Dark gray, and pale gray patchy tom with amber eyes

Poppypaw-White she-cat with ginger and black splotches and green eyes

Dawnpaw-Tortishell she-cat ambe eyes

Robinpaw-Brown and light brown she-cat with amber eyes

Owlpaw-Brown tom green eyes


Nightsong-Black she-cat mother to Rippleheart's kits; Blackkit-Black she-kit and Webkit-Dusty brown tom-kit


Minnowtail-Dark gray she-cat

Mothwing-Golden she-cat

Lakeheart-gray tabby she-cat retired early due to injury when helping ThunderClan with a fox attack

Chapter 1 Edit

Willowtail's PoV Edit

Willowtail turned in her sleep resslessly. The dusk sky mooned over her pelt. What is beyond the Sun-drown place? The she-cat wondered.

"Willowtail, I want you to lead Dawn patrol to WindClan territory, take whoever you want. Up to 6 cats only." Lionblaze told the gray she-cat. "Alright." She purred. Willowtail gathered Weedwhisker, Raveneye and his apprentice Ivypaw, her own Apprentice Stempaw and Fernsong with Sagepaw. "Me come too?" Squeaked Adderkit, one of Ivypool's kits. "What are you doing up so early?" Purred Fernsong, his father. Willowtail couldn't help but smile. "You'll be able to once your six moons old." Weedwhisker mewed to the small tom-kit. The patrol headed out.

"Alright Ivypaw, can you show Stempaw and Sagepaw how to mark a border?" Raveneye asked his apprentice. The three apprentices headed out. A few heartbeats later, they came out. "Done." Mewed Ivypaw proudly. "Any unusal scents?" Asked Fernsong. "Nope, just WindClan on the other side and ThunderClan on this side." Replyed Sagepaw. The patrol headed back.

"Willowtail, I think you should move into the nursery, your a quarter moon due for your kits." Alderbranch worried as he dropped some herbs with Jayfeather. Willowtail went over to the milk-scented den. "Oh, hello Willowtail, Finally moved into the nursery?" Purred Ivypool. "Hi Willowtail!" Stormkit pipped while playing with his silbings, Adderkit and Applekit. Applekit flashed her green eyes at Willlowtail."Will we get to help name your kits?" She asked. "No silly, Willowtail and Weedwhisker will name them!" Hissed Adderkit.

Chapter 2 Edit

Creekwater's PoV Edit

Creekwater whisked her long, bushy tail along the earth. "Great catch, Poppypaw!" She praised her apprentice. Poppypaw proudly berried the squirrel. It was usual for RiverClan to be hunting on land, but they had gotten a piece of territory in front of the Lake and their Camp.