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Given to the world by a black and brown tom ( Venomstar , brought down to the warrior name Venomclaw as he was no longer a leader ) and a light grey shecat ( Moonshine ), Owlflame was quite and odd mixture of colours. It was because of this that ( when she got her first clan ) she didnt have many friends.

She was born in a cave with her three siblings : Koikit, Aurakit and Wishkit. She travelled many places with her family as she was being followed by an evil clan her father once used to be leader of. Skullclan. Her father had decided to stop in a small tree that had fallen and had been hollowed out. Skullclan was still on there trail so Venomclaw left the rest of his family in the tree while he went out to check if they were there. He had not returned for hours so Moonshine decided to continue alone as she expected Venomclaw was dead. Skullclan was still following. Moonshine soon found a clan to hide in until they were fit to continue their journey. Stormclan. One day while Owlkit, Koikit, Aurakit and Wishkit where playing they found a beautiful play area with a bright blue river and trees with many branches to swing on. Wishkit decided to go swimming as everybody else was in the trees instead. he gently placed each paw into the waters edge then leapt in. She tried to swim but struggled. She called out for her siblings to help but they were too far up. Wishkit , that day , had drowned. Moonshine decided she could not take anymore of this so she left Stormclan with her kits, or what was left of them anyway. Owlkit Koikit and Aurakit had become apprentices and were now Owlpaw, Koipaw and Aurapaw. Moonshine was looking around the forest when she thought she had saw a clan down a small cliff. She placed each paw carefully and slid down halfway. She flicked her tail, telling her kits to slide down. They reached halfway with there mother but Koipaw had hit Moonshine too hard and she tumbled down the cliff. Moonshine was dead. Owlpaw Koipaw and Aurapaw decided the only thing they should do is bury their mother and try to join the unknown clan that stood before them. Fortunately they were allowed to join and everynight before they had to go to there dens, they would go to the cliff and talk to their mother. Owlpaw was now Owlflame, Koipaw was now Koistream and Aurapaw was now Aurapelt. ~ TO BE FINISHED SOON