Introduction Edit

Hello! This is (hopefully) going to become a page where writers looking for OCs to use can find characters and those who wish to see their lesser OCs featured can advertise them! I'm currently creating a character for each category to add here, and please feel free to add your own ^-^

Rules/Guidelines Edit

  1. Credit the creator of the character
  2. Stay true to the character (unless permission is given to edit them)
  3. Don't take other people's characters down/post them without permission
  4. (Optional) Link where the character has been used in their profile (this is to give an idea of how the character has been written into other stories)

Getting your character featured Edit

To get your character featured on the page, please fill out the following:-

Owner: (the name you would like to be credited as)

Name: (self explanatory)

Gender: (self explanatory)

Age: (self explanatory)

Rank/Occupation: (the job that they have)

Description: (a short description of the character's mentality and physical appearance)

Good/Neutral/Bad: (this is in general, whether they are the antagonist or protagonist type)

Used: (a series of links to where the character has been used)

Characters will be sorted according to whether they are loners/pack members/clan members/rogues/etc, so it is important that the rank is given. Simply fill out the above and add your character onto the page!

Rogue Characters Edit

Name: Ewar

Gender: Male

Age: Older than most, but not yet retired. His age is unknown.

Rank/Occupation: N/A

Description: A battle-torn tom with greying black fur and wise green eyes. He has a rip in his left ear and a missing claw on his back foot. He can be cruel and selfish, rarely helping others.

Good/Neutral/Bad: Neutral/Bad


Clan Member Characters Edit

Name: Lynxfeather

Gender: Female

Age: Middle-aged (4/5 years)

Rank/Occupation: Warrior

Description: A soft-pelted Siamese female with wide blue eyes and long, curved black claws. She is very fiercely driven to follow the warrior code, refusing to break it.

Good/Neutral/Bad: Good/Neutral


Loner Characters Edit

Name: Marco

Gender: Male

Age: Middle-aged

Rank/Occupation: N/A

Description: A handsome blonde tom with dull blue eyes and a wicked smirk. He is charming and smooth-tongued, but rather disloyal.

Good/Neutral/Bad: Neutral


Dog Characters Edit

Name: Mute

Gender: Male

Age: A young wolf, roughly two and a half years old

Rank/Occupation: Heir to the leadership of the Tark Court

Description: Like his father, dark grey with mottling marks of a darker shade. He has wide grey eyes and an iron paw - his will is nearly as strong. He can be very stubborn and determined, and not always for a good reason. He is under pressure to invade other territories by his pack, who expect him to be like his father.

Good/Neutral/Bad: Bad


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