Chapter 1 Edit

Mirembe slept near her mother, she pad out anrd glance out. She was in the mountain lion pride, it was rare for mountain lions to be in pride but they had a better chance of survival. Well once had ever since the old pride leader was killed by the cliff and so was his son, Scratch his brother became leader and the prides land was slowly destroyed.

Mirembe stretched her claws gleaming, it was her first hunt alone then she be able to join the other she-cougars in the hunt. She pad out the cave, her mother Kiziah was sleeping and she stepped over Diku. Mirembe saw a large plump elk, she swiped her tongue over her muzzle. She prick her ears up, she thought she heard a rustle, snapping her head back, green eyes stared into her,

Scratch, was watching her, the elk couldn't get away her family needed it with a growl she lunge at it back, sinking her teeth into the back of the neck. It went limp, the elk eyes stared into nothingless. A dark figure was suddenly infront of her, Scratch purred" Mirembe, you did well catching the elk". Mirembe dipped her head, she felt uncomfortable around Scratch.

Scratch was going to end her when she was a cub because it a tradition for the new males to end the cub, but instead of ending her Scratch said she was going to be his 'queen'. Dread filled her, now she made her first kill she was condiser a grown she-cougar and that means she have to be his queen.

Scratched countinue" Now you had your first complete hunt, you must accept your my queen", Mirembe stared at Scratch with horror. Mirembe backed up,trembling" No, I can't ".



Scratch glared at her" You don't have a choice". Mirembe knew that was true, Scratch always got what he want. Mirembe snatched up her elk and dragged it to pride tunnel.

Diku and Dwala was the first to greet her" Mirembe, that fill us up". Mirembe dropped the elk, Scratch padded in his head high" Let us rejoice for the day, we have a new queen who will give me a hier".Kiziah leaped to Mirembe's side, hissing" No, you won't take my daughter as your queen". Scratch look at his claws before at Kiziah" Be grateful that

I didn't end her as a cub, you honestly Kiziah was my first choice as a queen and you had my cub Angu,but he weak".

Scratch flick his tail at Mirembe, to come to his den. Kiziah yowled in a high pitched voice" No, I know what you gonna do with her".  Scratch slammed a paw at Kiziah, sending her knocked out to the ground. Scratch snarled at Mirembe " Come in my den, it time for you to have cubs ".


Mirembe lay in Scratch's den, he told her she wasn't allowed to leave or have no one visit her. She hissed silently, expecting Scratch's cubs was the worse thing that could happen to her.