Characters Met:

Rureiqye, Pronounced Rur-ee-qway

Uopay, Pronounced You-Oh-Pay

A loving, sweet sound greeted a being. There were many candles around them; Four larger ones and many small ones in an already-lit room- Some candles had blown out from their flames, and in the middle was a strange being. It had many different parts of many beings; A long neck like a giraffe, a turtle-shell, All four of the legs consisted of different beings' types; A lion, elephant, eagle, and some sort of insect; A large one at that.

Otherwise, it's body was patched with different animal's skins, and it was quite clearly stitched there like a quilt. It's face was shrowded with a black smoke, that looked like it'd be suffocating the creature. The melodious voice had come from it, as another mixed-up being had walked in- But it only had two animals in it, just patched up in it. Most likely hyena and newt.

There were many, hundreds of clocks in the room, making an eerie sound.


"Rureiqye. Time is running out. The candles are fading already." The hyena-newt scoffed with an infernal fury toning it's voice subtly. "But Uopay... I need to stay here... I can't leave to help you all stop it..."


The clocks made nothing better, they just kept with their nonsensically loud clicking noises. "Can you make your clocks be quiet?" The hyena-newt; Who had been referred to as 'Uopay' scoffed. "Oh, but Uopay, Oh, but Uopay!" This Rureiqye being wailed. As it did so, a bit of it malformed into a new animal.

Chapter 1

Three suns, each one 1/3 the size of earth's sun, shone rather brightly. They weren't circle, but looked like they could piece together like a puzzle into a giant sphere. "Neeka! Neeka! Neeeeeeka!" A half-bull half-duck creature came sprinting towards a skink-macaw with great haste.

"What, Jaukam." This 'Neeka' replied, having been sunbathing in the heat. "Tomorrow, Advent starts!" Jaukam squealed. "Really?" Neeka perked a little bit up. She stood up on her scaly feet, grinning and revealing her blue tongue.

"Sounds exciting. The festival is always different each year. Which animal will you be?" Neeka held out her hand in a questioning way. "Probably bull, I'm guessing. Last year I had been the duck part, so." Jaukam grinned. "I was the macaw last year, but I think I might be it again. Just a feeling." Neeka replied hastily.


Both looked up towards the sky. "That's the third time I've heard that ticking noise. What do you think it means, Neeka?" Jaukam sighed. "I don't know, really. It's strange and confusing. Only this year in the past week it's been sounding. No-time before. Do you suppose it has something to do with Advent." Neeka sighed.

"I wonder..." Neeka sighed, laying back down. Jaukam stared, twitching. "Okay then..?" He rolled her eyes, and walked away from the Macaw-Skink. Neeka watched him go with an utterly feelingless expression. As the young bull-duck walked, a black, misty thing loomed over him...

"Jaukam, what's that over you?" Neeka shouted, eyes glinting. Jaukam looked over, and appeared to see nothing. "I don't know what you're talking about, Neeka." He scoffed. It slowly began to encase him, and Jaukam scowled, completely unaware it would seem.

Neeka stood, running towards him, but the second she got to him, Jaukam had dissapearred. "Jaukam..." She whimpered, and looked at the three suns. "What happened. What on earth happened..."

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