Before you guys go ranting, I got permission from the half-founder of this wiki, Ripple that I could right Klaine (Kurt and Blaine from GLEE!) fanfictions on here. If you want to rant go rant on her. Also before you guys read this I will let you know that I did get some of these ideas (such as the Warblerland idea, Dwight, and the Twins) from the Dalton Fanfiction. I would put a link but I don't know how... So Enjoy!


Blaine led Kurt down the red rug of the Windsor house. Shellacked wooden walls and doors lined the hallways with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, each about two yards apart. Blaine had been explaining to Kurt the basic stuff;

Halls, Houses, the Warblers, and of course, there members.

-"The Twins are just slightly crazier than everyone else but you'll get used to them. Jeff and Nick are gay so you'll probably see them sucking faces in there room. We have ties for that though. Don't open the door when there's on. For your own good." Blaine was saying. He turned a corner almost head-butting with two identical blondes holding Nerf guns. There hair fell wildly over there eyes. There was sweat running down from there heads to there necks and into there shirts with them panting as if they had been running from zombies or something.

"What are you guys do--," Before Blaine could finish his sentence the Twins pulled them fully around the corner so that they were practically held there by the Twins surprisingly strong arms. Blaine opened his mouth to say something but one of the Twins loudly shushed him. Moments later there was a thundering down the hallway. David and Wes turned the corner with two blasters in hand they whirled around to Blaine and them's direction but before they could even cock there guns the two blond twins let out rapid fire, firing about 5 bullets at a time. Kurt shrieked and jumped out of the way of the Nerf battle. "Yo guys! Kurt's here! Is that anyway to treat a newcomer?" Blaine yelled over the cries of war. The shooting died down, the slightly taller twin firing one last bullet at Wes's chest. Blaine gave him a glare but her just shrugged. 

"Do you mean Alice?" The other twin said, his blue eyes practically sparkling. The others gave him a weird look as if he had asked them to wear a grass skirt and dance on top of one of the red and navy blue buses.. even though they had done that before. "Alice?" Kurt asked. Both twins excitedly nodded. 

"Of course. You followed or White Rabbit right down into Warblerland! Where the Tweedles, Wes is the March Hare, David is the Mad Hatter, Blaine is our White Rabbit, and of course your our dear Alice." The shorter twin said as if it was supposed to make since. Wes and David just gave him a look that said "go with it" so Kurt just nodded as if he knew exactly what they where talking about. "White Rabbit have you shown Alice his dorm? We left a surprise in there! I heard someone named Logan is his roommate." Kurt caught a flash of mixed emotions cross over Blaine's eyes; alarm, horror, worry, and..hurt? Before Kurt could as if Blaine was okay the "Tweedles" as they called themselves, grabbed a sleeve on his black designer jacket and tugged him down another hallway that looked exactly like the one they had just exited. 

"So that's Evan," Said the slightly shorter twin as he pointed to his brother. Now that Kurt was closer he noticed that he had super light freckles crossing over his nose. "And that's Ethan," Said Evan pointing to his brother. This is going to be confusing. Kurt thought. They stopped at a door. Next to it on the left side a sign read 

Dorm 149. Windsor Hall Number 6.

 "Lucky me. Looks like I got a different Room for once. Right next to yours." Blaine said opening a door to the left of him. Once he had entered there was a yell from inside, "AND NO ROOMMATES!" They all burst out into laughing. Kurt was to busy trying to stop himself from exploding that he didn't notice when the door infront of him opened. Standing there, looking quite annoyed, was a tall dirty blond with slightly gelled curls. He was wearing a blazer, just as the rest of them, but instead of the brown-bash pants that went with the uniform, he was wearing navy blue ones that clung to his legs tightly yet attractively. Kurt was laughing so hard that he managed to stumble over on the door step, falling straight into the blonds muscular arms.  

 Kurt looked up, glasz eyes meeting fiery green.  

 There gazing went on a little to long and Blaine loudly cleared his eyes making both of them look up. All of them where staring at him. The others were staring at them with completely blank faces Blaine and Wes has several mixed expressions on there face, non in which were friendly. Kurt pushed himself up brushing off his clothes. Oh, so this must be Logan. Logan cleared his thought.  

 "Wes. Blaine. Tweedles. Kurt," he smiled when he said Kurt's name, looking at him briefly, "May I ask whats going on out here?" He asked, although it sounded more like an order than a question.  

 "Uh, we were just showing Kurt," Evan and Ethan grunted and David rolled his eyes,correcting his mistake, "Alice to his dorm." David said. Blaine stepped forward putting his arm over Kurt's shoulder rather protectively, and slightly drawing him back from Logan. "Kurt, this is the Windsor's assistant perfect, Logan. Logan, Kurt," Blaine said briefly, his expression was dull and he barely looked at either of them. Kurt stared back and forth at them for a moment, as if he could feel the tension in the air. Logan gave a slight nod. "Since your right here, Blaine, don't you have to meet up with the other perfects for some meeting with Murphy and Dean Refrey?" He asked. Blaine looked up his eyes flashing with alarm.  

 "Damm!" Blaine said racing back down the hallway and down the steps. Logan looked after him until his thickly gelled head had disappeared.  

 "And don't you four have a class?" The four looked up with the same alarm turning there heads to the clock. They raced after Blaine leaving Logan and Kurt left in the hallway staring amusingly after them.  

 They turned there gaze back to each other. The dirty blond offered his hand. "Logan Stern. I assume your Kurt Hummel, My new roommate?" He asked opening the door wider for Kurt to enter. Kurt stared at him in amazement. "How-How'd you know all that?" Logan just shrugged. "Im the assistant perfect, gotta know stuff or i'll get over-runned. Im not exactly Blaine's....favorite." He chuckled. Kurt narrowed his eyes at the comment but decided to ask about it later. As he stepped into the room he took a minute to observe his surrondings. On the right side of the room was a bed with a Red comforter and a navy blue cover with the Dalton crest on the cover.  


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