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The spirit of dark with the eyes of light can save our pack...

⚔Prologue⚔ Edit

The forest floor was silent and the air was still. A black cat with bright yellow-orange eyes entered the clearing, his ears twitched with every step. The collar around his neck was red. "Sin!" A squeaky voice cracked through the dry still air, "Glare, if you keep squeaking like that you'll scare the prey." Sin said calmly with a deep settled tone, "Sorry Sin...Where are we going?" A small she-cat breached from the bushes, her pelt sliver with long white stripes along his sides and tail. "We are going back to camp to speak about your training to your mother, she wouldn't like me giving you free lessons without being chosen as your mentor." Sin said pushing the large branches away to a small opening letting Glare enter.

A sense of panic entered Sins naturals. He flicked his tail signaling Glare to pick up her pace. Sin rushed through the narrow pathway to the clearing scenting blood and fear, "What happened!?" Sin demanded with rage. "Flower was killed by a hawk after speaking of her vision.." A brown-red she-cat said softly hearing Sins rage. "The spirit of black but the eyes of light can save our pack..." The brown-red she-cat announced to the crowding felines. "From the stars above one cat either in this pack or out there will save us!" She said before touching Flowers ginger pelt with her cream pink nose.

"Luna...You may be my leader but how can one cat do that?" Glare said softly. "It's just like my name, Sin, It may mean something bad but it doesn't mean I am a bad guy." Sin said to Glare as Luna took a deep breath, "One change can do many things...One action from one cat can save many lives.." Luna said before bowing her head looking at Flowers body.

"Cat with a spirit of dark....But with the eyes of light....They will save our pack..."