Hello, Night here and I'm writing this new story and will try to edit it as frequetly as I can. I may get assindants that get spoilers to post when I'm away but that will be when this story is far along.

This is a story about a old Clan, ForestClan. The cats have been chased away from there old forest home. Few cats survied. The old leader, Maplestar, has died. Turtletail, the deputy has become Turtlestar(Yes, she is based off of my new OC which is based off of Turtle Tail from Dawn of The Clans). This is their Refuge.


Leader:Turtlestar-Tortishell and white she-cat with green eyes

Deputy: Fallowleaf-Gray tom with blue eyes

Medicine Cat:Brightshadow-Silver-gray she-cat with amber eyes


Dawnspark-Ginger tabby she-cat with green eyes

Ravenpelt-Black tom blue eyes

Windfur-White tom with yellow eyes


Greenpaw-Gray she-cat green eyes

Lakepaw-Blue-gray she-cat blue eyes

Foxpaw-Brown tom with a long bushy tail and orange eyes


Cometpelt-Small gray she-cat green eyes, Ravenpelt's mate mother to Splashkit-Gray and white she-kit and Wolfkit-Black tom amber eyes

Willowbreeze- Silver she-cat expecting Dustfeather(Dead) kits

Prolouge Edit

Two she-cats padded through a small forest towards a large, sparkling waterfall. "This is it, The Moonfall." The Silver cat mewed. The other cat, a torishell gazed at the large crashing Moonfall. She padded under the falling water, and drank from it. "Welcome to StarClan, Turtletail." A ginger she-cat mewed. She had stars in her fur. "Maplestar! I never thought I'd see you ever again!" Maplestar started again. "With this life I give you Strength, you must rebuild ForestClan to be strong again." Turtlestar felt a strike of pride. A dusty brown tom came next. "Dustfeather! I miss you!" Turtletail mewed to her brother. "With this life I give you Trust, trust all your Clanmates to do whats right." Dustfeather mewed. 6 more cats came by and gave her lifes, but finally a dark brown tom came. "I am Foreststar, you were a small kit when I was leader." He continued."With this life I give you Justice, and use it well when fighting for your Clan, you are now known by the name of Turtlestar, guard ForestClan with these nine lives. Turtlestar woke up besides the waterfall. Brightshadow whispered, "We may now depart."