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​Chapter 1;Edit

Finch watched quietly, staring at her dead brother on the cold ground, limp and helpless. There was nothing she could do now. Runner had already killed him. "He was only 6 moons," Finch commented under her breath. "I've always loved you, Oak.. But today, I must say goodbye." Finch glanced up at Selima briskly, before muttering, "I think it's time I leave my mother's nest," Selima must've heard her, because Selima turned her head and shot a glare at Finch. "You can't leave! You're only ten moons!" Selima screeched. Thank the Nova Wolves Runner isn't here.. He'd beat me if I said something like this.. Finch curled her claws into the ground. "I'm sorry, Selima. Please, this will all be a dream when you wake up from slumber. I love you." She looked at her mother lovingly and guided her to her nest. "Goodnight, Selima. I'll miss you." Selima touched noses with Finch for the last time. "I'll miss you too. I love you, so much." Selima's words rang in Finch's ears, but she shook her head briskly and padded out. "This is my destiny." Finch told herself. "I can win this fight."

Chapter 2;Edit


Chapter 3;Edit