FernStar's Wish

"The Stars will guide you."

Chapter 1:

Lost Hope

Fernshade sat by her mother Lostwillow.

Redfur & Ivyclaw were on patrol.

Softpaw sat near Fernshade and Lostwillow.

Rainpaw Was training with Darkwood.

Softpaw mewed: "FernShade? When will we train again?"

Fernshade's eyes looked down at the little kitten.

"Soon, Little one, Soon." She Meowed.

"Okay." Softpaw muttered padding away.

Softpaw walked off.

Leafstar stood on the high rock.

"All cats old enough to catch there own prey. Please gather under the high rock for a clan meeting." Leafstar mewed.

Fernshade and her mother got up and padded to the high rock.

lostwillow mewed: Fernshade? Where is your father.

Fernshade sighed: Mom, he's dead rember? He was killed by a Monster.

"Oh, yeah..." Lostwillowed cried.

Ivyclaw and redfur were goofing off in the back of the crwod. Leafstar mewed: "Today I have bad news, Lilypelt has died."

Chapter 2: Forgotten Death

"WHAT?" The crowd hissed.

"It's true. she fell into the grouge and died." She mewed moring her sister

.The clan tried to comfort Leafstar after losing her only living kin.

.Icepaw wailed: NO!

Ivyclaw mewed: "It's okay. everyone dies one day."

Icepaw runs away

Ivyclaw: "ICEPAW!"

Chapter 3: The Search