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"That's Dusk, she's mute... you know, she can't talk, she can hear and see though... She lives in The Pack of Unforgiving Fangs."

(Fighter's can do everything below their ranking, i know unfair talk to Alpha about it)

Chapter 1 Edit

Dusk, a all black she-cat with blue eyes, padded out the Fighter's Den "Alpha wanted us to go on Patrol." Shadow a red husky barked Dusk just nodded "Is Venom coming." Dusk wanted to ask before padding to the camp entrance waiting "Hi Dusk." A black she-cat with grey eyes meowed, her eyes looked green in this lightning all Dusk did was dip her head. Dusk walked next to Shadow, his shadow casting over her "Dusk, lead the way." Shadow wagged his tail Dusk nodded again and sniffed the ground like a dog for a few heartbeats "Stale rat scent." She meowed in her head before following the scent growing stronger before long a large rat, as big as a small apprentice "You get it." the black she-cat purred and Dusk bolted for it, the rat was surprisingly fast and Dusk was slowly getting farther away, the rat turned around a thistle and squeaked of pain but it was cut off in death "Need help?" Fang a Miniature Doberman wagged her tail Dusk nodded and her tail wagged, comes with living with dogs. After Dusk arrived at camp with the rest her sister Nigh a black she-cat with green eyes meowed "Nice catch!" Dusk shrugged glancing at Fang Dusk padded to the Fighter's Den and fell asleep. Dusk woke padded outside her eyes widened it was still dark but the sun was out "What going on." Blue, a grey blue tom kit wailed looking up at the sun then the dark sky "Blue Horizon... what's happening." Dusk though jaw dropped

Chapter 2 Edit

Dusk was still staring at the when Alpha howled a meeting the Deputy was a black panther, she sat next to the Alpha equal size "As you may know, the sun is out and it's dark." Alpha barked, Dusk glancing at the dark sky again "I had a prophecy about this... When Dark Skies arrive a cat of shadows will arise and destroy the known." Alpha sighed glancing at all the dark colored cats "I will asign each dark colored cats someone to watch them." Alpha half barked half growled, Alpha went on to sign each cat their Watcher "Dusk your Watcher will be..." Alpha looked at everyone "Venom." He looked at a dark grey tom with light grey stripes and greenish brown eyes. It was sun-high when Dusk finally ate a robbin catching Venom watching her a few times "I don't think he's watching just because he's suppose to." Fang giggled and Dusk blushed under her fur "Imagine your kits." Fang yelped alittle to loud and half the camp was staring at her and Fang "Oops... sorry." Fang wagged her small tail and ran to the Hunter's Den Dusk made 1 of very few sounds, a sigh "Wanna go to Mistic Pool?" Lightningblaze a black tom with a white underbelly and amber eyes, left his clan SnakeClan to join our pack and kept his Warrior name, Dusk nodded to his question. "Last time I was here is when I 1st joined." His eyes widened looking at the sapphire blue pond, mist covering some of the pond "I wish i could swim like you and Splash." He purred, Splash was a light brown Spanish Water Dog. It was hard not to look at the dark sky "It scares me." Blue cried running around camp "It's ok." Splash nudged the kit, wagging her tail "Blue Horizon is telling us something." Splash tried to purr but it was a smooth rumble, again... comes with the life of living with cats. "What if Blue Horizon is saying Darkness will stay forever." Dusk couldn't help but worry, as she turned around to walk to the Fresh-kill pile her muzzle crashed into Venom's she was sure he could see her blush through her fur "Sorry." Venom smiled shyly before dashing to the Shaman, his brother in other words. Dusk woke in a dream "Dusk we must talk." A Blue Horizon cat meowed yet it sighed like a wail full of pain making her hold her ears to her head "Stop it!" Dusk yelled to her surprise "You can talk here... there coming warn your clan." The cat meowed in the same painfull wail "I don't have a clan, i have a pack." Dusk tilted her head ears still glued to them "Please." The cat's eyes filled with tears before she was gone and a black cat with blood red eyes stood in front of her "Hello Dusk." His voice was scratchy which calmed her "I am Blood from Pack of Vengeful Souls, we have died out sadly... but our blood runs through cats..." He continued "You carry my blood, so we're kinda kin... I would like to ask you to train with the Blood Horizon." He finished with a rough purr "Don't do it!" The wail of pain echoed in her ears, something sparked in her "I'll do it." She was surprised to feel a grin on her face "What have you done." The wail was louder glitching out full of pain and Dusk was positive she heard a yowl... a yowl you do when your murdered "What did I do." Dusk thought.

Chapter 3 Edit

Dusk woke flanks rising and falling quickly "That..." Dusk meowed eyes widened bigger than a monster paw, at least that's how it felt "I can talk!" She yowled rushing at of camp only Shadow and Venom looked at her in surprise "Only cats and dogs training with Blood Horizon can hear you." Blood's voice purred roughly in her ear, Dusk repeated the words to Shadow and Venom they nodded sadly "At least I know my voice... I can speak... Other cats have dreams of being Alpha or Leader but mine is that everyone can hear me, at least 2 can." Dusk purred looking around camp then at the dark sky, they hid behind the Elder's Den it was big enough for 2 large dogs and a small cat and told each other about their dreams "A dog named Ember said I'm her kin... I can't say no to kin, it's my weakness." Shadow wagged her tail "Well in my dream a cat named Star said I'm her kin and a Blue Horizon cat was talking to me... She sounded in deep pain and sorrow." Venom meowed "Like mine... A cat named Blood visited me said I was kin, before that a cat in deep pain an sorrow visited me after i accepted her voice was glitching out... I swore my ears were bleeding." Dusk meowed with a slight gasp "Did they lie about being our kin?" Shadow tilted her head looking down at the cats "Maybe the Blood Horizon sent kin to recruit kin?" Venom shrugged "I can't help but feel guilty... the cat yowled, the type of yowl from if you were murdered." Dusk shivered remembering it "Don't be scared, I'm with you." Dusk heard Blood's voice "The time of Dark Skies have arrived a cat of shadows will arise and destroy all that's known." Blood finished an Dusk saw his outline for a heartbeat "Guys... we made a horrible mistake." Dusk yelped running out of camp to Bird-poo Rocks and banging her head against a rock "Get out of my head." Dusk growled she continuously did this, teeth clenched, she tasted blood on her teeth... her head was bleeding "Dusk, I'm stuck with you... at least till you join us." Blood's laugh was full of insanity.

Chapter 4 Edit

Dusk was laying in the Fighter's Den eyes half closed looking out the den (Unfinished)