Like any wiki, we have Policies that all editors, including righted users (rollbacks, chat moderators, administrators, staff, bureaucrats) and regular users are expected to follow or face punishment.

Editing Guidelines

  • No spam pages.
  • You are not allowed to create new categories. Please contact a staff member first.
  • Creating an article and leaving 'wip' as its only content is considered spam.
  • Use the Forums or a Blog Post for announcements, glossaries for your stories, signups and pages for ideas/etc.
  • You may not create Clan, Pack, Group, and Tribe pages. Pages like this belong on Animal Jam Clans Wiki
  • Absolutely no vandalism. Vandalism, as directly defined by the dictionary, "is the deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property".
  • No extreme/graphic violence in pages. Which means keep blood/gore to the lowest possible limit
  • Do not criticize someone's page unless they openly ask for it.
    • This applies to userpages, articles and everything of that like.
  • Do not edit another user's page unless it is removing vandalism or fixing the categories. Report any case of vandalism to a Staff member
  • Do not spam-edit to earn badges. This is called badgefarming and is prohibited.
  • Use spelling/grammar to the best of your ability.
  • Due to Animal Jam being run by a company based in the U.S, this site uses American English as opposed to any other non-English language. Excessive use of a language that's not English is prohibited.
  • Please do not put emoticons ("o3o", "XD", ":D", ".-.", "._.", ":(", ":)", etc) in articles or on votes.
  • Administrators and rollbacks must notify the creator of a deleted page as to why it was deleted.
  • When marking something for Deletion, use the Deletion Template
  • Do not target or harass other users (i.e writing something like "eww what clan looks like that" or telling someone to "go die >:(((((" in the comments). This is considered bullying and will not, under any circumstances, be tolerated.
  • Please be polite.
  • Do not use articles/pages/comment sections for roleplaying. Roleplaying is reserved strictly for threads only.
  • Do not paste chain mail or anything of that sort on users' message walls. This will be considered spam.
  • If Soundcloud URL tags are being used, do not have them set on "autoplay". This goes for userpages, articles, blogposts etc.
  • Please do not create unnecessary threads. Lean towards creating threads that will explode with discussion. Too much unnecessary threads can spam the forum. Do not revive inactive threads either, consider 30 days an "inactivity" marker.
  • Any pages that stray away from the original focus of the wiki (i.e. unrelated pages, joke pages) will not be allowed as articles. Though they will be allowed as personal blogposts.
    • This applies to content on pages (images, videos, other media etc.)
  • Do not upload art unless it is yours, or you have credited and received permission from the original artist.
  • Do not upload music videos or MAPs. If the content isn't yours, don't upload it to your page.
  • Off-topic photos or spam photos are not allowed on pages.
  • If a photo is not allowed for use by the photographer/creator, don't upload it. Not all images are for stock use.
  • Coding should be kept to a minimum. Sometimes having too much coding on an article can lag users. This includes borders; too many borders can still cause lag. The border limit is 3-4 borders These borders must equal less than 25 pixels.
    • Having a background on articles is also prohibited. Images or tables serving as backgrounds will be removed as they are considered loopholes.
  • Images (regarding gifs) that are flashy or contain epileptic movement are not permitted. They will be removed.

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