Allegiance Edit

Pride Leader:

Nkosi- extremely old male with a red but graying mane

Chasers: Edit

( Smaller female lioness who chases the prey to the Ambusher)

Nia- Cream lioness with green bright eyes

Zalira- Cream lioness with blue eyes

Doto- light cream lioness with a torn ear

Kiziah- creamish lioness with blue eyes( Amara's Daughter)

Ayo- golden lioness with a stripe along her back( Amara's Daughter)

Deni- Dark brown lioness with amber eyes

Ambushers: Edit

( Higher ranking females often ones who attack prey)

Kulwa- brown lioness with orange eyes

Lia- Golden lioness with a head tuft and amber eyes

Zingela- A creamish lioness with green eyes

Subira- cream lioness with orange eyes

Kamaria- goldenish-creamish Lioness with greenish eyes

Amara- Brown lioness with orange eyes

Mirembe- light brown lioness with blue eyes

Cubs: Edit

Kiziah- creamish lioness with blue eyes( Amara's Daughter)

Ayo- golden lioness with a stripe along her back( Amara's Daughter)

Deni- Dark brown lioness with amber eyes

Other Lions: Edit

Mtoto- brown lion male with sharp teeth

Chaka- golden male with brown mane

Jasiri- light brown male with a darker brown mane

Malka- golden lion with red mane

Prolouge Edit

Kiziah glance out of the African Savannah, on the large cave that her pride sheltered in. Her father who was the pride leader was out patrolling the territory. She felt something pawed her head, glancing up she saw her sister Ayo, and the adopted lioness cub Deni. Deni smiled" Come on, Amara said we can go outside". Kiziah scrambled to her paws, racing out the cave as she stood watching the sight. Ayo was already there, watching the Savannah grass wave" I am starving". Kiziah felt her stomach rumble" I'm sure Zingela will lead a hunting party". Deni scrambled down the rocks, yelling" Maybe we should catch some mice, right now". Ayo frowned, shaking her head" That won't fill me up".

Deni rolled her amber eyes" It will serve as a snack then", Deni didn't wait for a anwser as padded into the dense long grass. Kiziah and Ayo gave each other a glance before following, Deni. Kiziah spotted a wood mouse, it plump crouching lowly she sprang forward, snapping it neck. Kiziah hungrily tore into the mouse, Ayo was right about it not filling her up. A roar in the distance made Kiziah freeze, Kiziah knew it wasn't her father's roar, it was an intruder male. Kiziah ran toward Deni's and Ayo's scent, not caring if the males scented her. Deni and Ayo was crouched beside Amara, Amara twisted her head, spotting Kiziah. " Thank goodness your okay", As Kiziah pad towards Amara, she could clearly see the fight.

Her father was fighting four stronger and younger males. The males wasn't giving mercy on her aging father, their teeth and claws torn every piece of fur and flesh on him. Her father was swiping and kicking desperately, as teeth and claws torn him apart. The Brown furred male gave a truimphing roar, as her father went limp. The golden male lion and the light brown male lion joined in. The youngest golden one roared with him, Kiziah felt horror flow through, these male will kill her the same way, they killed her father.

The Brown furred male turned to the lioness, smirking" Any cub's around here". The Golden Male growled" Obviously there are, that brown lioness smells of cubs, Mtoto". Mtoto unsheathed his claws, Kiziah let a tiny whimper out, his claws was unusually long, curling his lip" Hand them over".

Amara rose from the earth, snarling" You would have to get through me first". Almost if that was the other lioness cue, they rose and stood beside Amara. Mtoto sprang towards Ayo, but Amara got there first, smacking Mtoto backwards, and hurling herself with a snarl toward's Mtoto's expose belly. Deni hissed at Ayo and Kiziah" Run, back to the cave".

The three cubs ran, heading towards the cave that the pride slept in. Kiziah ran ahead of Ayo and Deni, Kiziah squeaked as she tripped over a twig but kept running. Kiziah lunged into the cave, Ayo and Deni just behind her, Ayo backed in a cave whimpering as Deni glanced out, her tiny claws unsheathed declaring" We won't go down without a fight".

Kiziah was almost asleep when pawsteps head towards the cave. The new males stepped in first, Deni let a long warning hiss, but Mtoto was the one to speak" I will let you live, but Kiziah, you will be my queen". Kiziah flatten her ears, terrified as she nodded. Mtoto tipped his massive head towards the place her father slept. " You will sleep where I sleep for now on, little princess". Kiziah meowed scaredly" Where the others lioness, where my mother". Mtoto growled" Hunting". As Kiziah crept towards Mtoto, she glance at the savannah, before taking another step towards her new life.

Chapter 1 Edit

Kiziah padded towards the water hole, she was almost constantly looking over her shoulder's now. Mtoto had recuit new males for his case, wanting to create a mega pride. Kiziah dipped her head to drink, she knew she would be having her cubs soon. She couldn't trust the new males, Moto was always angerily and the most vicious beside Mtoto. Chaka was lazy and always ate more then his share, Malka was always sleeping and Jasiri was just unbreakable loyal to Mtoto, Kwanza and Cheko liked to charm lioness, Sifa was just like Chaka lazy. The pride was safer now, she couldn't agrue with that. Moto, Kwanza and Cheko had been recuiting new lioness, Impi, Majira, Ikhala, Mila, was some of them, Haya, Chungwa , Miti and Mchanga was other lioness who had been recuit. Every lioness was expecting cubs, Kiziah pad towards the new cave. They moved to a larger cave to make more room, Kiziah squeezed in the cave. Amara, Miti and Mirembe was sleeping. Kiziah shook Miti who woke up with a growl" What is it"?

Kiziah glanced at Miti, before whispering" Where the others". Miti rolled herself over, she seemed to be happy to have a cave almost to herself, " Cheko, Kwanza and Moto are recuitoing Lioness, while Sifa, Chaka and Jasiri are finding new males to recuit. Meanwhile the others are hunting, and Mtoto is patrolling and expanding the territory and Impi is having her cubs". Kiziah flicked her ear, Impi was a young lioness but was strong as a ambusher, she could attack a heavy zebra and kill it.

Kiziah slipped out of the cave, catching Impi's scent, Kiziah followed hestiantly, Impi was one of Mtoto's followers, but she had to help Impi bring her cub's to the cave to shelter. Kiziah spotted Impi carrying a cub, it was a female cub, Sifa was likely to be the father, Impi growled" Can you grabbed my other two cubs". Kiziah rolled her eyes at Impi's tone but ahead to grab Impi's cubs. The cave where Impi had her cave, was now named the mothering cave, Kiziah grabbed one of the cub, it's grayish fur was like Sifa's but had distinct dots under it left eye.

Kiziah pad out the cave, holding the tiny cub as it squealed. She meet Impi on the way back, who watch her with narrowed eyes as if she was making sure she didn't hurt her cub. Kiziah head to the new cave, slipping in and setting down the cub. Amara was licking the first cub, to get warmth in the cub. Kiziah sat down waiting until Impi showed up with the last cub, the cub had spots under both eyes. Amara watched Impi grabbed the cub, that she was caring for. Amara finally yawned" What are they're name"? Impi raised her head , " The cub with dots under her right eyes is Dotty, the one under her left eye is Spotty and the one with both under her eyes is Uma".

Impi suddenly wail" Why did I have to get females, I wanted a male". Miti growled, before turning to her side" Stop that wailing, Impi, you wanted cubs, we didn't have a choice". Impi continued her wailing" Mtoto will be so disappointed, and I have to tell Sifa about these cubs". Miti turned her head snarling at Impi" You think Sifa or Mtoto gives a hair about the cubs or you, Sifa or Cheko is the father of my cubs too, and they are having cubs with several different lioness, how childish and naive are you"?

Impi growled" You never wanted these cubs anyways, I will make sure they know how hateful of a mother you are, Mtoto is the pride leader, you should be loyal to be". Miti flinched at this, perhaps wasn't planning for Impi to tell lies to her cubs. Mtoto slip in heading towards the newborn cubs, Impi looked up as Mtoto snarls" You was supposed to give me males, Impi". Impi Ducked her head" I am sorry, I will give you a male next time". Mtoto swept his tail over Impi's back" Good that all I ask for".

Mtoto then lay down, growling" Kiziah, come and discuss our cubs with me". Kiziah reluctantly force herself up, padding towards Mtoto, she was never happy with her Mtoto and certainly did not like him. Kiziah rest beside Mtoto, she felt Mtoto's paw on her expanding belly. Mtoto smiled at Kiziah" Our cubs will be beautiful, like you, Kiziah, this is what I always wanted, having the perfect cubs, being leader of a massive pride". Kiziah just rest her head on her paws, she hated Mtoto, for he ruin everything, and as for the cubs, she don't know what to dislike them or not.


Kiziah lay with four cubs Akai, Themba, Malka, Tombi, Three males and a female. Akai was the oldest male(Tombi is older), and looked like Mtoto the most. Kiziah looked at her cubs, she couldn't hate them for who there father is. She will protect and love these cubs.

Chapter 2 Edit

If Tombi crouched low enough, she could surpise her brother Akai. Akai was so big headed, thinking he the leader of the cubs because he will be king. Tombi growled, that should be her, not Akai, with a lean on her haunches she sprang onto Akai, Akai squeaked in surpise, as he tumble under Tombi's weight.Tombi laughed" Didn't expect that, now did you"?