It was a bright and sunny day in the Animal Jam Clans Wiki chat. There were two users- one was named Breadnose, and the other was named Aero. Aero was yelling some gibberish about the release of Halo 5, until another user came into the room.


Aero, being an cynical jerk, naturally questioned this.

"I doubt it. Can you provide proof?"

The user nodded. "Look on It's on there." They then proceeded to give out their school's name, and left.

Bread and Aero looked at each other.

Both of them researched the school, finding out that it was an elementary school in St. Augustine, Florida, for kindergarten through 5th grade. Bread slowly said to aero, "This girl just gave out their school."

"Bread, what do we do? Chances are, they live within a few miles of the school, so we found out half of their information just from this."

Bread slowly looked on their profile. "Wolf tamer" it said.

Before Bread could respond, Aero recieved a notification on their mobile from the person who leaked their school. "New Message." it read.

Aero hit the button, and replied.

Witthin a few minutes, more notifications flooded in. Evidently, this person didn't know how to use the "reply" function, and just started new threads.

"I TAMED A WOLF." one message read.


Within a few minutes, Aero had eight million notifications and began to scream at the top of their lungs.

"IM DEAD IM DEAD IM ASGSGFGFJNRJWIRNFNFUEJWOE." they said, from their position face-flat on the floor.

Bread also looked exhausted, but regardless poked Aero repeatedly until they looked up. "Post this meme on the thread."

Bread pulled out a meme from her back pocket- nobody even questioned which she had those in there-Bread had too many memes, and handed it to Aero. The meme depicted a man in a puddle of tears, and was captioned "lying is a sin".

After more procastinating, Aero posted it on the thread about wolves. 

After bread posted her meme (Bread, being bread, had a swear word in it), the kid posted another like it. It was a man in court, with a 70's mustache. Bread cringed as she saw the meme. The caption was, "NONONONO YOU SWEAR NO SWEARING IM TELLING ON YOU!" Bread began to die of laughter.

Then came aero along with the wolf map, saying "So you dragged your friends to the middle of nowhere to become the wolf girl?" 

She began to say we were 'bullying' her.

Before either of them- Bread and Aero- could get in even more trouble, they fled the scene. But from that day onwards, whenever 7 entered chat, Bread would always end up screaming and leaving the chatroom.

7 never figured out why.

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