Allegiances Edit

  • Overseer - Nexclov
  • Delegate - Pinnochio
  • Highcallers (medicine cats)- Vast, Mince, Arch
  • Snake-one (prisoner-watcher) - Ven
  • Executioner (kills prisoners if they are deemed unworthy) - Cracker
  • Adversaries (warriors) - Jagged, Storm, Laughter, Swine, Pecker
  • Novices (apprentices) - Wanderer [mentor, Jagged], Hover [mentor, Swine]
  • Lillypads (queens) - Legend, Poppy
  • Lillies (kits) - Legend's litter [Quiver, Macintosh, Docker], Poppy's unborn litter [Owl, Time]
  • Prisoners - Mountain, Minnow, Reindeer

Chapter One - Caught Redhanded Edit

Hazy figures swarmed over Mountain, incoherent whispers passed amongst them. Pain raced through Mountain's chest as she felt warm blood trickle down her cheek. She breathed in the musty air of the guillotine alcove, her throat heavy with dehydration. Liquid rushed up her throat, filling her mouth with metallic-tasting blood. Mountain coughed out onto the cement, tears outlined in her messy fur. Her paws were bound to a wooden stake which she could see was used appropriately for prisoners like herself. Choking sensations tingled in the base of her throat causing her to hack out speckles of blood onto the unwashed floor.

"Yuck, will she ever stop doing that?" One of the shadows spoke aloud in disgust. Mountain blinked rapidly, attempting to cleanse her dry eyes and focus on the speaker.

"Shush, Macintosh." Another voice spoke harshly, in which sounded older then the previous. "We cannot talk aloud, remember? Only Ven and Nexclov can speak in these situations."

Mountain could barely see the two cats that spoke, due to her vision still blurry from her tears. At last, her eyes cooperated with her, allowing her to see the cats that surrounded her.

Chapter Two - Traveler Edit

//wikia deleted all my hard work.... so now I have to write it again. Great.

The first speaker, undoubtedly a small sandy tan kit by the name of Macintosh; the second speaker, a taller, greyer she-cat with a seemingly lovely disposition. Mountain glanced at them both, then down at her. Unmissable

"Hello, prisoner, what is your name? Where do you come from?" A young-looking tom approached her slowly. An aura of importance and confidence striking Mountain with fear.

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